About Me



I have been working in children’s television since I graduated from college.  I’ve always believed in bringing the best possible educational entertainment to kids.  I am the co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer of Blue’s Clues for the award winning Nick Jr series which was the first to start the “interactive television” craze of preschool tv shows.  I’m also the Creator, Executive Producer & Head Writer of the award winning show Super Why for PBS Kids which helps build preschool literacy skills through fractured fairy tales and interactive games. My latest project, which will air in October 2012, is the new Mister Rogers spinoff, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s amazing & I’m so excited to share it with everyone!

I’m passionate about bridging my research background with creating quality media for kids. Parents have often asked me about my approach to getting kids to learn through all types of media…as a result, I have been inspired to write a monthly column, Angela’s Answers in Greenwich Magazine, blogging for (Oprah’s trainer) Bob Greene’s Best Life & I am hosting and Executive Producing a new web series for PBS Parents called The Parent Show with Angela Santomero.



I have my Master’s degree in Child Developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University with a sub concentration in Instructional Technology and Media.   Super Why was actually written as my Masters Thesis.  I have my B.A. from Catholic University (where I met my husband!)



I married my college sweetheart!  We met at 19 and got married at 25.  He is my best friend, my rock, and the reason that I can do what I do.  Greg’s the one who is at home with the girls working while I trek into the city.  My 2 girls inspire me everyday.  They are funny, clever, dramatic, silly, make me crazy, and huggable.  They are involved with gymnastics, dance, drama, piano and read my scripts, give me notes, and have a ton of good ideas for my shows.

It seems that many of the ideas are about how to make girls the heroes (Why does Rapunzel have to be saved by the Prince? Can’t she get herself down from the tower?  – done!  See our Super Why Rapunzel episode about how we put that note into action!)



What?  Really? I watch tv (Modern Family – favorite, Big Bang Theory, documentaries, and I’m still obsessed with Friends and 90210 (original).  I read (recently finished Michael Pollen’s book, In Defense of Food – loved it!).  I write and write and write.  I play with my kids. I try to go to the gym, go on dates with Greg & have silly girlfriend time.



The truth is, although I’ve been working in children’s media for (gulp) almost 20 years, I still have a million questions about being the best mom I can be.  Someone asked me, “What have you learned from Blue’s Clues, Super Why & Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that helps you with being a better mom?”  I thought, what an awesome question. This blog is my search to answer that question – – and share all of what I’ve learned.

As I love “interactivity” 🙂  I want to hear back from you about the tricks and tips that you have when raising your kids.  I’ve always believed that there is no way to be a perfect parent … but there are a million ways to be a good one!  Let’s hear about yours!