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Sarah Solves It

Amazon Studios has ordered the math test pilot, Sara Solves It, developed by WGBH and Out of the Blue Enterprises. 

Sara Solves It  follows who else but Sara & her brother Sam to find answers to mathematical mysteries every kid can relate to. This time, we at Out Of The Blue Ent. have joined forces with the creator of Curious George & Arthur to create something special for children.

The need for a strong mathematics foundation has never been more evident and the proper assistance outside of the classroom behooves the learning within.

Sara Solves It has been added to Amazon Studios’ Series Development Slate and will be free to be preview later on this year.

Amazon Studios

“Mathematics expresses itself everywhere, in almost every facet of life.

Mathematics is the language of science and engineering – describing

our understanding of all that we observe.”


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    • Hey there Aimee. We’re excited about “Sara Solves It” (fingers crossed).

      Thanks, as always, for the support & I hope that all’s well in Denver these days for you & the gang


  2. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    My goodness: Creative Galaxy and Sara Solves It–TWO new shows?????? Whoa. Keep up the energy–and you can be sure I’ll watch both. 🙂

    PS: Is that a junior sized Thinking Chair behind Sara? 😉

    • Greenlit JUST for a pilot at this stage of the game, but both of them are lookin’ good! You should see who we’ve got singing the open to Creative excited to share this one (in due time of course)!!

      Funny that you’re the 2nd person that asked about that chair. But as the saying goes, sometimes a chair is just a chair..or something like that 🙂