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September means none other than back to school time, so let Daniel Tiger help your child with some of their early learning skills!

For a limited time, Amazon is offering a download of The Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Day & Night App for just $1.99


The app, created by PBS Kids, has won a Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award and is being recommended by the fine folks over at Parents’ Choice.

Head on over to and download your copy today & have a great start of the school year everyone!!


Sections within this app include:
Play Doctor Daniel with the instruments that doctors use. When children play doctor with Daniel Tiger, they’re in charge. This can make it more comfortable when it’s their turn to be the patient.
Help Daniel Tiger get ready to go to sleep – and your children can be thinking about their own bedtime routines and learn things to help them at bedtime.
Wash, brush and flush with Daniel Tiger and play about and practice bathroom routines.
Sticker Book
Children can have fun making up their own stories as they play with dozens of stickers in Daniel’s house and Neighborhood.
Disclosure: My connection to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is no secret, but in the interest of full transparency, Out Of the Blue Ent. is involved in the creation of this app.  I still think it’s pretty cool..just saying 🙂


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  1. avatar lauren says:

    Hi Angela! Just found your blog through your NY Times article about how Mister Rogers changed your life. He seemed like such a great person through his show, very genuine and caring. I remember my father telling me he was an amazing piano player as well.
    My 14 month old has just discovered Daniel Tiger, right now he only watches the great musical intro, but he LOVES it! My husband and I have caught a few episodes 🙂 and realized quickly that it was the land of make believe! Very neat to see it come alive, as an adult.
    I’ll be sure to check out that app, we’re having a tough time with tooth brushing, but I imagine a song or something of that sort could help us turn a corner.

    • Thanks for your mssg Lauren. Look no further because Episode 117: Good Morning Daniel/ Goodnight Daniel discusses Daniel’s morning routine (including brushing his teeth). It might be just what the dr ordered! There a sneak peak here at:

      The strategy songs for these episodes are:
      Clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes and off to school!
      Bedtime! Bath, brush teeth, pjs, story and a song!

      Enjoy your day

      • avatar lauren says:

        We love the songs.
        So glad to see that another season has started! Keep up the great work, Angela!

  2. avatar Mr Henry says:

    Why the dancing pancake?