Blue’s Clues

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We’re going to talk now about “big blue.” No, no, no, not the famous nickname for IBM, the famous — this is a famous kids’ character that many of you folks are going to know, the star of the very popular show on the Nickelodeon network, “Blue’s Clues.” Seven million children watch this show every week. It’s geared for pre-schoolers, we understand.

And Angela Santomero is a child psychologist and co-executive producer of that show, and they’re taking this show to the street, so to speak, now. “Blue’s Clues Live!” is now a theatrical production.



by: Angela Santomero | Filed under Blue's Clues, PRESS

*An excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point

Copyright 2000, 2002 by Malcolm Gladwell




by: Angela Santomero | Filed under Blue's Clues, PRESS

Once upon a time there were two women who worked in the television industry. One was named Angela and one was named Alice.

Angela worked for Nickelodeon and Alice worked for Children’s Television Workshop. Each of them wanted to create educational television programming for children that would be the best programming around. So they came to Teachers College to learn about how children develop and how they learn. As fate would have it, Angela and Alice took the same class at the same time-“TV and the Development of Youth”-with former Assistant Professor Rosemarie Truglio. Thus began a collaboration to research and to create one of the most popular educational children’s television shows: Blue’s Clues.

Blue’s Clues stars a tri-colored blue hound named Blue. The show appears twice a day on the Nickelodeon network as one of the main features of their Nick Jr. programming for preschoolers.