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Where better to celebrate the opening night of Super Why Live! than the home of Mardi Gras…Louisiana!

Last night, we premiered our live show to an ecstatic crowd of Super Readers at the Monroe Civic Center.  There’s been incredible feedback from parents and children who were treated to our very first live performance of Super Why!

A special thanks to Glenn Orsher and his team at S2BN Entertainment for their amazing job of successfully adapting Whyatt and pals to the live stage, as well as my 2nd family…the incredibly talented crew at Out Of The Blue Ent.!

Click HERE for more information regarding a show near you!

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Our youngest is turning 9 today [sigh].

While we don’t have the camera out 1/2 as much as we used to, we’re still stocking up on some great memories

i.e. Here she is halfway to now:


“We must always have old memories and young hopes.”

-Arsene Houssaye

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Following up on my earlier post, Clues to a Great family vacation, here are some highlights of the rest of our week:

Day 4: Read!

We got a chance to meet many of the children of the Half Moon staff at the beautiful Children’s Annecy Village.

I talked with the parents about my vision for creating educational preschool television shows and then read one of our Super Why books to the children. They even read & acted out the story with me. I was able to sign and give away books to each child. They were smart, funny, sweet and beautiful. It was a highlight of the trip.

Day 5:  Family Time

The best part of vacation for me, is when I can unplug (within reason, of course) and spend the majority of the day with my favorite people. Sure, hustling around the streets of Paris is fun, but to slow down the often frenetic pace of my day to come to a place like Half Moon with my husband & girls and just chilllllllll…it’s what the doctor ordered.

Day 6

We’ve been searching for a resort that has the right mix of luxurious elegance, fun for the kids, friendly staff, good food & beautiful accommodations.  We found it and would love to stay!


Fave quotes from the trip: 

“Best Massage of my life”  – Grandma 

“It usually takes me 3 days to took 3 minutes at Half Moon.” – Angela

‘This is the life” – Youngest daughter

“OMG” –   Oldest daughter in the sea

“OMG” –  “Oldest daughter” on the horse

“OMG” –  “Oldest daughter” at dinner

“I could easily move here” – Greg


Oh, and if you missed our vacation music video, sung to Colbie Caillat‘s “Brighter Than The Sun”, check it out HERE.

[Disclosure: This trip was funded by ourselves. All ideas are our own & we have not been paid for such content]

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Day 1:  Up at 3:45am (kids slept in their else?!) to take the 5:50am flight from NYC to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

We were at Half Moon Resort by 9am..on the beach by 9:45

Propt of Half Moon


Clue #1:  Early flight is so worth it


Day 2: Settling in at Half Moon Resort. The people are warm & friendly. Our room was perfect with a view of the sea and a pool of our own. We walked to breakfast, walked to the beach & floated in a sea that was like bathwater.

Greg and I had a couples massage in a beautiful little hut right on the water. It was mesmerizing.

We strolled back through the beautiful property, freshened up, walked with the girls over to the outdoor patio at the Seagrape Terrace and ate under the twinkling white lights. While dining on fresh, locally caught fish, we listened to a steel drum band play some reggae, old & new.

Clue#2: Sun + Sand + Sea = Paradise


Day 3:  Horseback riding!

We booked a family riding adventure. We each had a horse, rode to the beach and (wait for it…) we rode the horses into the crystal blue sea. Once deep enough, the horses swam & we were whisked away holding onto their tails! My horse, Skinny, was a gentleman. He actually slowed to allow me back on as I (needless to say am a novice) fell off of him when we were far out in the ocean. Shout out to Chase, who helped me and my girls feel comfortable the whole way.

Clue#3:  Get out of your comfort zone. Especially in front of your kids. It bonds you & shows resilience by example.


Come back for Part II the end of this week & if you missed our highlight Half Moon, Colbie Caillat video, see it HERE.


[Disclosure: This trip was funded by ourselves. All ideas are our own & we have not been paid for such content]

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We recently returned from a family vacation at Half Moon resort in Rose Hall, Jamaica. It was nothing short of incredible!

Next week, I’ll be uploading a few posts about our trip.

Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter Than The Sun” was our vacation theme song (as it’s not a vacation without a theme song). Since we sang it all week, we used it to cut a sneakpeek of our journey to Half Moon.



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Angela's CluesAfter reading the ABC News piece, Is Dad the New Mom? The Rise of Stay-At-Home Fathers, it gave me comfort to see that the number of “stay-at-home fathers in the US has tripled in the past 10 years”. While I enjoy taking the road less traveled, I do find comfort knowing that my kids live in an evolving world.

However, with such a positive piece on stay at home dads, the article’s title takes the reader back into the caves. I’m sorry, “Is Dad the New Mom”?!  I get the quick parallel but I can’t help but wonder if the authors, Sharyn Alfonsi and Claire Pedersen, were men, would they have gone there simply for high SEO numbers?

After all, most SAHDs will tell you, there are a few things that trump mere numbers.

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This week, Super WHY Live’s Tony Award winning Costume Designer, Katie Irish, talks about how she brings the Super Why characters from the screen onto the live touring stage.

While Katie’s created costumes for opera’s LA TRAVIATA or a number of inspiring music videos, translating the signature Super Why! costumes for the live show is no easy task. In this video, Kate gives you some tips on how she does it in style, with the help of some NYC finds.

Find out when the show’s in your area HERE. With more Live show dates to come!

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