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While strolling along Sesame Street last week, I bumped into Murray Monster (side note: puppeteer is my friend, Joey Mazzarino, who also played Roary on Blues Room).  While Murray was lively and nothing shy of entertaining, what I loved about our day was that he always has the kids’ best interests at heart.  He also reinforced in me the idea that we should make time to play with our children whenever and wherever we can..even though this furry red monster threatened to steal my gig!

See my interview with Murray Monster on and let me know of any questions you may have.

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Behind the Scenes Scoop…we’re introducing a NEW character on SUPER WHY! We asked kids what they wanted and guess what they said…

I also discuss my new online series “The Parent Show with Angela Santomero” as well as ways to attack the “summer reading slump.”

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As a creator of childrens television programs, a reviewer can be your best or worst friend.  It seems that kids tv is the last thing reviewers want to talk about.  It’s not as sexy or interesting to them as say, reviewing the season premiere of Modern Family.

Every once in a while you meet a reviewer like Tim Goodman.  Tim understands and appreciates the vision behind educating children through television.  He asks great questions and sees the value of a solid curriculum married with great stories, characters kids love and good humor.  As the Chief TV Critic for The Hollywood Reporter, Tim would like parents to read his reviews and make choices for themselves about what kinds of shows they are opening the door for their children to play with.  I still have the review that Tim wrote when we premiered Super Why!

So, as an avid viewer of Modern Family, I get it.  But I always want to meet the critics who can help me spread the word about my shows so we can empower kids who will strengthen our next generation!  Well, Tim and I met up at this year’s Television Critics Press Tour in Pasadena, CA and we chatted about the blueprint for good tv, viewing tv from a child’s perspective and shutting it off if it doesn’t sit well with us.  See my interview with Tim Goodman on and let me know what you think!

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It’s not often that I hang out with astrophysicists during my day.  But if they’re anything like Neil deGrasse Tyson (director of the Hayden Planetarium), I’ll make it a point to more often!  My interview with him for The Parent Show reminded me of what I truly love about kids..their creative process.  They’re not all about getting the right answer..but the creative journey that takes place while learning.  This inquisitive nature of children allows them to make ideal budding scientists.  Take a guess who often gets in their way though?

Oh, and he loved our Blue’s Clues “Sink and Float” game with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (physics for preschoolers!) and our Blue’s Clues Planets episode (which was displayed at NASA!)

[See Angela’s interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson on]

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Hallmark Properties looks to Out of the Blue Enterprises (Super Why) to develop a new TV series based on Hallmark’s web-based property, Asteroid Andy.  Targeted to boys 6-11, Asteroid Andy is set in the future and follows the adventures of boy who lives on Earth with his family and an array of intergalactic friends.  Asteroid Andy was created by Hallmark veteran artist Peter Martin.


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approves the acquisition of the Kids/Teen 2-17 targeted BBC Kids channel, a BBC Worldwide and Knowledge Canada joint venture.  The BBC Kids channel license was previously owned through a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Canada’s Shaw Media.  When Knowledge Network takes over operations of BBC Kids, the channel will be re-launched and will air commercial free 24/7, and will also feature a Cbeebies preschool programming block.  This will mark the premiere of Cbeebies in Canada.

[see Synopsis Media release] [related KidScreen link]

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Interviewing Johnny Tartaglia was amazing.  First of all, sitting in the audience watching him act, sing and puppeteer on Avenue Q gave me the chills.  I just knew he was the real deal.  And getting to know him as a person made me realize just how creative, funny (really funny!) and inspiring he is.  He has so many grand ideas that I was quite excited for him when he launched ImaginOcean.  He spent a lot of time with me and my girls explaining how he created the puppets, the sets, the black light that gave the show a flourescent underwater “feel” and where his ideas for the story originated.  My girls are mesmerized by live theater and we spend so much time in our basement watching their plays on a make shift “stage” that Greg had built (with a red sparkly, functioning curtain, room for drums, etc). Their understanding of how theater comes together allows them to think about detailed aspects of theater and their creative play has blossomed.  They think about the music, the directing, the story, they choreograph dance numbers, and think about the props and backgrounds.  I know they are learning a lot through this dramatic play and their self esteem builds with every performance.  So, thanks Johnny, for inspiring my girls among the millions of kids you inspire every day!


– Read How Does the Show Goes On by Tom Schumacher.  An amazing book about all aspects of theater with real tickets that come out, a script excerpt, and a playbill!

– Encourage all kinds of creative, dramatic play.  Just like pots and pans could be drums, a paper towel role could be a telescope or a scepter or a baton!

– Listen to the music of a Broadway show before seeing the show or movie and have your kids act out a song from their imaginations.  (Examples:  Annie, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Prince)

[See Angela’s interview with John Tartaglia on]

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Today PBS Parents launches THE PARENT SHOW WITH ANGELA SANTOMERO at Mom 2.0, a national blogger’s conference in New Orleans. Hosted by Ms. Santomero, the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the top-rated PBS KIDS series SUPER WHY and one of the key visionaries behind the long-running, award-winning Blue’s Clues, THE PARENT SHOW is just that: a show for parents.

THE PARENT SHOW’s mantra is that there is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are a million ways to be a good one. Through the series and blog, PBS Parents is striving for a fun, judgment-free community where parents share tips, advice and a sense of humor. THE PARENT SHOW is available on, one of the leading online destinations for parents and educators with over half a million visitors each month.

[Read Entire Article]

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Program: The Parent Show

PBS Parents has teamed up with Angela Santomero, executive producer of Super Why!, to launch a new web show for parents. Every week we’ll explore hot parenting topics and share great tips and tricks to make parenting easier and more fun.

A new show, on PBS, from the creator of Super Why:  The Parent Show with Angela Santomero

Show premiers April 18th on:

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I just came back from the Women in Communications luncheon for the 2011 Matrix Awards.  I am more passionate and inspired than ever!  The caliber of women in the room:  Paula Kerger, Gwen Ifill, Sheryl Sandberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Idina Menzel, Linda Kaplan Thayer, Abbe Raven, Gina Sanders, Cindi Berger, Robin Koval, Dana Tyler, Evelyn Lauder, Arianna Huffington, the list goes on.

I was never more proud to be a woman and feel a refreshed enthusiasm for how I want to raise my girls.  These women have changed the world in their fields, and they did it with verve and passion and drive and perseverance.  Go Women!  🙂

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An interactive web series for parents which tackles parenting topics such as how do we get our kids to eat healthy foods?  Why is music important to kids?  What are the benefits of live theater for kids?.  Through interviews and one on one vlogs, I talk to inspiring people and get the answers that YOU want to know about.

Upcoming guests include:

  • John Tartaglia, Tony Nominated actor and puppeteer from Avenue Q, Beauty & the Beast, Shrek talks about his new creation, ImaginOcean.
  • Dave Schlafman, creator of the web series Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, talks about getting our kids to eat healthy foods.
  • Tim Goodman, famed TV Show Critic,  talks about which kids shows make his list.




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