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This is what WE have to say about that!


Hope (10yrs):  This is me, Hope.  Sure, my mom is a preschool television person and all.  But, she still doesn’t have to try to say catch phrases every 5 seconds.  But those little song jingles do help.  My second grade teacher taught me “6×6 = 36!” she would make it sing-songy and be silly.  And it stuck in my head.  So, maybe my mom does have a point…..


Ella(7yrs):  This is me, Ella.  My mom is incredible.  It’s fun that I can see what she is doing because it’s on tv!  In the Stars in the Sky episode of Super Why it was fun to see cartoon me in it!  I love my mom’s work.  It inspires me to make something new one day when I grow up that helps the world.


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An interactive web series for parents which tackles parenting topics such as how do we get our kids to eat healthy foods?  Why is music important to kids?  What are the benefits of live theater for kids?.  Through interviews and one on one vlogs, I talk to inspiring people and get the answers that YOU want to know about.

Upcoming guests include:

  • John Tartaglia, Tony Nominated actor and puppeteer from Avenue Q, Beauty & the Beast, Shrek talks about his new creation, ImaginOcean.
  • Dave Schlafman, creator of the web series Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, talks about getting our kids to eat healthy foods.
  • Tim Goodman, famed TV Show Critic,  talks about which kids shows make his list.




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Ok, so I’m started to put my learning into practice.

Singing helps.  So, our girls started to write down their feelings to create their own songs.

It’s been such a positive way for them to express all of the feelings that they have – being all of 7 and 10 years old.  But, it’s true, singing helps the time move faster when we want it to and can help us time travel back to a special time in our lives (I know exactly where I was when I sang Jessie’s Girl over and over again).

Writing down your feelings and creating lyrics that you can sing – -is very empowering.  Angry?  Sing it loudly!  Upset?  Sing it solemnly.  Happy?  Sing it celebratory!  The lyrics have also give me an insight into what my girls are thinking about.  I’m loving this …. and I think they are too!

(If Hope let’s me I will have her “publish” one of her songs!)

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Repetition is the key to learning.


Everytime I write a script or create a curriculum for one of my shows, it always has repetition in it as a main pillar for success.  If you notice, the layers of our games are repeated.  The layers are different, they start with an easier educational concept and then gradually get harder.  But they are repeated.  Why?  Because careful repetition = mastery.

So, as a mom, why can’t I remember that?  Seriously, I think it would give me a new found sense of calm if I remembered that.  If I remembered, maybe I would be okay with the fact that every time (and I mean every time) my kids take a shower, my primary role is to shift into broken record mode: “Remember, wash your hair. With shampoo. Then rinse it. With water. Now use body wash. And rinse it. Yes…with water.”



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