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Billboard Rolling Stone

Is today the day that preschool TV could be considered..dare I say it..



When I’m at a red carpet event, flooded with flashing lights & flowing gowns, it’s become customary that when I finally approach the photographers’ line, they decide to switch their memory cards or the old school photographers (those who’ve attended a Flock of Seagulls concert or earlier) will take that time to change their cameras’ film.


By now, I get it. If Kindergarten is but a memory, my cast of characters are no longer “cool” to you.

I’ve learned to become comfortable with this..



But now that a “name” like fun.’s Jack Antonoff has shared his creativity with our team, which previously has only been famous to the juice box set, we’re in Billboard & Rolling Stone!

Like a turn on the swings, you take it when you can get it!

Here’s hoping our new “cool” will push beyond our 15 minutes.



BillboardFun.’s Jack Antonoff on Writing ‘Super WHY!’ Songs


Rolling StoneFun. Guitarist Writes Songs for Children’s Program

by Jon Blistein

USA TodayJack Antonoff adds some fun. to Super WHY! Live tour

by Korina Lopez


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Creative Galaxy & Sara Solves It shoot

Getting the “Creative Galaxy” & “Sara Solves It” word(s) out there.

Preparing for the Amazon Studios shoot, on location at Out Of The Blue Enterprises!

Creative Galaxy Sara Solves It

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Creative Galaxy & Sara Solves It

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Sarah Solves It

Amazon Studios has ordered the math test pilot, Sara Solves It, developed by WGBH and Out of the Blue Enterprises. 

Sara Solves It  follows who else but Sara & her brother Sam to find answers to mathematical mysteries every kid can relate to. This time, we at Out Of The Blue Ent. have joined forces with the creator of Curious George & Arthur to create something special for children.

The need for a strong mathematics foundation has never been more evident and the proper assistance outside of the classroom behooves the learning within.

Sara Solves It has been added to Amazon Studios’ Series Development Slate and will be free to be preview later on this year.

Amazon Studios

“Mathematics expresses itself everywhere, in almost every facet of life.

Mathematics is the language of science and engineering – describing

our understanding of all that we observe.”


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Angela Santomero & Jason Mraz

Earlier in October I spoke about meeting Jason Mraz, for the first time, at a JFK center event in Washington, DC.

I was excited to meet the incredibly successful & talented singer that isn’t too cool to sing a Mister Rogers song at his concerts. But to completely push me over the (happy) edge, he was interested in recording the opening and closing songs of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for us.


I’m sorry, what?!


Sitting on the “this might happen” info for months was painful but we finally got word that, although Jason was on tour, he was able to squeeze in some studio time, to record the tracks for US.


While this info didn’t leak until a few months ago, I am so proud to announce that today, on this day o’ LOVE, Jason Mraz has taken us in and out of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood by way of what he does best. I can not thank Mr. Mraz & his team of professionals enough.

Enjoy & let me know what you think of the new version!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Valentine's Day

Also, be sure to check out the beautiful post that Marshall Heyman, of the Wall Street Journal’s Culture section, wrote about Mraz’s involvement for today’s episode, entitled Mr. Rogers’ Classics & Tiger Love. But did Jason Mraz really “record them wearing a cardigan“?Wall Street Journal well as Jason’s mention, on his blog, about the impact that Fred Rogers had on him.

“It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is.”
Jason Mraz

Amazon Studios

I am proud to announce that Amazon Studios, the original movie & series production arm of, has greenlit for production our creative arts curriculum Creative Galaxy. Amazon Studios announced today that Creative Galaxy is 1 of 5 children’s test pilots which have been selected.

“Our children’s series come from industry luminaries with credits such as Blue’s Clues, Sid the Science Kid and Dino Dan. We think parents—& our very youngest customers—are going to love the magical combination of entertainment & learning that they’ll discover in these children’s series.” said Roy Price (Dir. Amazon Studios)

My incredible team at Out of the Blue Enterprises and I are thrilled to be working with Amazon Studios & can’t wait to soar into a creative arts curriculum with Creative Galaxy. We know that art can have a powerfully positive effect on children & through our proven signature approach to preschool television, we will actively help young viewers learn how to think creatively in their own lives. Working with Amazon Studios has been fantastic & we look forward to jumping further into the production process.

Creative Galaxy is an animated, interactive art, adventure series, designed to inspire kids’ creative thinking through crafts, story, music and dance. The series was created by Angela Santomero, creator of Super Why! (the Emmy-nominated literacy series), Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

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The Verge Tech Crunch  Variety

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Downton Abbey..yeah, you could say I’m hooked. Which is why on Wednesday night I was in my TV glory.

I sat with a lucky bunch of NYC fans, to view a special screening of the popular PBS British-American series, followed up by Q & A with a bevy of the actors from Downton. Who knew how hip Mr. Carson (played by Jim Carter) was in real life or how sincere Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier) was? Going into season 3, they’re a somewhat modest bunch that seem to be soaking in the show’s success.


Thank you PBS for including me at such an event and a HUGE thank you to Julian Fellowes for writing every single episode of such a quality program..which is what PBS is all about.

So if you’re a fan, what is it that draws you into Downton Abbey?

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During last night’s 1st Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney (who seemingly understands the importance of quality education) stated “I’m going to the stop the subsidy to PBS.”


Regardless of political view, why is it unclear to some that PBS is one of our Most Important Educational Tools (at a yearly fed. investment of $1.35 per American per year)?

Why would anyone close “America’s Biggest Classroom”?

Please, let us know your thoughts on this & go to for more information

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Daniel Tigers Neighborhood - Fred Rogers Co. & PBS Kids

Thank you Laura Zax for your article in this weeks Forbes magazine, entitled: A Different Kind of Tiger Mom, on a different perspective for children that involves respect, passion and a whole lot of personal growth..the story on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood gets a thumbs up from People magazine TV critic & McSweeney’s contributor, Tom Gliatto.

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So how did the Fred Rogers Company &

PBS Kids’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood do?

Find out in the latest Common Sense Media:


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