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This past weekend I attended the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles, CA. I had the pleasure of speaking on the PBS panel with Bill Isler, president of The Fred Rogers Company, and Joanne Rogers, Chairman of the Board – The Fred Rogers Company. I had briefly addressed some commonly asked questions, regarding Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS Kids), and am sharing a few of them below. Enjoy

What made Fred Rogers a pioneer in children’s entertainment? How is his trademark approach evident in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

Fred Rogers has been both an inspiration and a major career influence for me. In effect, he created a blueprint for children’s television that works. And, with this new show, we embraced the great level of respect that Fred had for children, the way he communicated with them, his gentler pace and his “interactive” inclusion of his young “neighbors” at home.


Are there elements of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?  How is the new series fresh and different?

There are nostalgic nods of “love” to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood throughout each episode of the new show. The characters are the children of the beloved puppets from Fred’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe and our series star, Daniel Tiger, is the son of Daniel Striped Tiger, Fred’s first puppet.

Like Fred, Daniel wears a red sweater and sneakers and speaks directly to preschoolers to include them in his day. Fred’s music can be heard, in some cases as cover songs, and in others as inspiration for new musical strategies.

How have Fred Rogers’ groundbreaking concepts been updated to appeal to a whole new generation of young viewers and their parents?

Fred’s curriculum is timeless.  But our approach to his curriculum was planned with today’s preschoolers in mind because we wanted to make sure that we were reaching them most effectively in terms of appeal and learning.


Why choose animation instead of live action?

We wanted to animate the Neighborhood of Make-Believe to put a unique spin on the “neighborhood” with this new series. Plus, animation allows us to make our stories visual – for example, we can let viewers peek inside Daniel’s colorful imagination.

Angela's Clues

How did you develop the characters for the show?

Although the characters were initially based on the puppets in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, our goal was to give them a multi-dimensional feel so they’re true to the personalities of preschoolers.


What role does music play in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and why do you think using song-based strategies is so effective?

Music is an integral tool for learning in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Our musical strategies are unique and catchy.  Parents and children will be singing them all day long! For preschool viewers, music propels the curriculum forward, ensuring that they truly understand why a particular strategy was needed and how it helped our characters.

Recent research shows that early development of solid social and emotional skills leads to success later in life.  How did this help inform the creation of the show?

Pro-social values have been shown by numerous studies to be imperative to later social and academic success for children. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood helps hone the skills that prepare young viewers to be optimal learners in kindergarten and beyond. Encouraging children’s self-confidence, combined with the ability to regulate their impulses and appreciate adult guidance, gives them the solid foundation they need going forward.


How can Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood be a useful tool for parents and preschoolers beyond the television screen?

Some moms and dads who have previewed the show have called it “A user’s guide for today’s parent!” We’re finding that parents and caregivers are writing down our strategies and using them when they need to encourage their kids to be patient, when they’re nervous about a new experience or when they’re disappointed. We hope to have a useful strategy for every situation a parent could find themselves in!

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Angela's Clues

So honored to be on the same page as Barbara Walters, Ellen Degeneres & more in Variety’s Daytime TV Difference-Makers list.


Click HERE to read the Variety article.

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Yes, that’s me.

And mind you, I am thrilled to be nominated!  Really.  It’s an honor.

That being said…. 😉

My shows have been nominated for Emmy awards since 1997 with Blue’s Clues for Outstanding Preschool Series and then again for Blue’s Room and then again for Super Why.  Once Blue’s Clues and Super Why! were both nominated at the same time, in the same category…against Sesame Street.  And guess who won for the 40th year in a row?  And yes, I love Sesame but still…

So, here’s to 2012 giving us our 1st Emmy win!  I owe so much to PBS Kids, our fabulous production teams, writing, animation, research and my mom to bring home the win…

But, I do know that it is not what is important.  Teaching kids to read through media, teaching them kindergarten readiness skills and having them feel great about themselves is what is important.

But still…

I wouldn’t mind just once, hearing our name read from that freshly opened envelope. I’d take a slow walk up to that podium in a gown that makes me feel like a movie star for the night, determined to deliver my most heartfelt acceptance.

Just once.
(Oh, did I mention we almost named our puppy “Emmy”, just to be able to say that I have one?!)
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Like a Boss: Honing Your Leadership Skills

On February 7th (9-10a) I will be speaking at the kids’ entertainment industry’s most important annual event, Kidscreen Summit. The session lets you sit down with some of our industry’s most experienced executives and unearth the secret ingredients of effective leadership. Join us and be inspired by the vision, wisdom and personal “growing pains” stories of the following:

Kate Ebner – Panelist – Founder & President: The Nebo Company
Donna Friedman Meir – Moderator – President: Lemonade Creative Consulting
Thomas Lynch  – Speaker – CEO & Executive Producer: Tom Lynch Company
Angela Santomero – Speaker Founding Partner & Executive Producer: Out of the Blue Enterprises


As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll also be moderating the Channel Team Spotlight: PBS Kids Panel at 3p that day. I hope to see you there!

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Thanks Babble for including me in your Top 10!

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CONGRATULATIONS to Christine Montgomery, Matthew Graham, Jeannine Harvey, Tina Ghubril, Dee Wren, all the amazing folks at PBS and our friends at RocketBoom!

See the Parents’ Choice Recommendation HERE

PBS Parents



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A few of the stories and posts, immediately after
the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood news
was finally released to the press: 






Feel free to forward Kleenex…as I’m in tears with all the positive feedback!

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By Lianna Albrizio
Northern Valley Suburbanite

The Harrington Park Public School likes to live up to its, “Leading the way” and on June 20, the k-8 school recognized Angela C. Santomero, co-writer of the Emmy award-winning children’s television show, “Blues Clues,” as the latest Circle of Leadership inductee during the school’s moving up ceremony.

“I am so honored to be here,” she said. “There’s something in the water in Harrington Park.”

In celebration of the school’s tradition in the development of student leadership, the Circle of Leadership was established in 2006 to honor exemplary former students and community members’ accomplishments.

In his address, Superintendent Adam Fried sited persistence, courage and honesty as key components of leadership qualities.

“The idea of being ‘all in’ is about the total commitment to being the very best you can be,” Fried told the students.

A member of the class of 1982, Santomero is someone who Fried feels embodies this idea.

In her remarks, the soft-spoken mother of two shared the secret of her success with the eighth-grade class, attributing her love of reading, journaling adventures and her concern for student potential as the basis for her vision for her shows.

Santomero is also the creator, executive producer and head writer of “Super WHY!,” a preschool program for PBS Kids that helps build literacy skills. The show has received a Ready to Learn Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the federal Department of Education.

“I want you guys to look around and think about who’s going to be standing here 30 years from now talking and inspiring,” Santomero said to the students.

“And remember that when you use your mind and take a step at a time, you can do anything that you want to do.”


[read the entire post]

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Behind the Scenes Scoop…we’re introducing a NEW character on SUPER WHY! We asked kids what they wanted and guess what they said…

I also discuss my new online series “The Parent Show with Angela Santomero” as well as ways to attack the “summer reading slump.”

[ View  video at ]

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