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Day 1:  Up at 3:45am (kids slept in their else?!) to take the 5:50am flight from NYC to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

We were at Half Moon Resort by 9am..on the beach by 9:45

Propt of Half Moon


Clue #1:  Early flight is so worth it


Day 2: Settling in at Half Moon Resort. The people are warm & friendly. Our room was perfect with a view of the sea and a pool of our own. We walked to breakfast, walked to the beach & floated in a sea that was like bathwater.

Greg and I had a couples massage in a beautiful little hut right on the water. It was mesmerizing.

We strolled back through the beautiful property, freshened up, walked with the girls over to the outdoor patio at the Seagrape Terrace and ate under the twinkling white lights. While dining on fresh, locally caught fish, we listened to a steel drum band play some reggae, old & new.

Clue#2: Sun + Sand + Sea = Paradise


Day 3:  Horseback riding!

We booked a family riding adventure. We each had a horse, rode to the beach and (wait for it…) we rode the horses into the crystal blue sea. Once deep enough, the horses swam & we were whisked away holding onto their tails! My horse, Skinny, was a gentleman. He actually slowed to allow me back on as I (needless to say am a novice) fell off of him when we were far out in the ocean. Shout out to Chase, who helped me and my girls feel comfortable the whole way.

Clue#3:  Get out of your comfort zone. Especially in front of your kids. It bonds you & shows resilience by example.


Come back for Part II the end of this week & if you missed our highlight Half Moon, Colbie Caillat video, see it HERE.


[Disclosure: This trip was funded by ourselves. All ideas are our own & we have not been paid for such content]

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We recently returned from a family vacation at Half Moon resort in Rose Hall, Jamaica. It was nothing short of incredible!

Next week, I’ll be uploading a few posts about our trip.

Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter Than The Sun” was our vacation theme song (as it’s not a vacation without a theme song). Since we sang it all week, we used it to cut a sneakpeek of our journey to Half Moon.



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I doubt that whoever coined the phrase, “It’s who you know, not what you know” rarely ever dreamed.

When I started my career in television, I knew nobody in the business. I was soft spoken and often timid, but I had a dream and I was motivated to fulfill it regardless of the countless hurdles that I faced. The problem is that many people, especially women, either don’t believe they have a dream or they discredit such thoughts for a variety of reasons.

I find that I share many similarities with Harvard Business Review blogger, Whitney Johnson, after reading her book DARE DREAM DO. She started out in Wall Street as an uncertain secretary and after 15 years, she was at the top of her game as a much sought after analyst. She dared herself to dream, realized the importance of it and she achieved it.

The fact that a person has a hard time finding themselves and their voice is very concerning to Whitney, so this book is a result of yet another dream of hers. DARE, DREAM, DO is a heartfelt and motivational 3 step process which allows the reader to not only view their thoughts and dreams as a necessity, but it lays out a plan for them to accomplish those dreams. Powerfully and beautifully woven through Ms. Johnson’s personal experiences and those of others, DARE, DREAM, DO will be a requirement for my daughters because if they don’t dream, their feet will never leave the ground!



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The Colorforms Revolution app has just been released for iphone & ipad! 

This comes off the success of Out of the Blue Digital’s Super Why app which was a Parents’ Choice Silver Award winner! (full disclosure: a division of Out of the Blue Ent.)

Check it out & share your creations!

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The USS Intrepid Air/Space Museum (NYC) recently won the bid to acquire the Enterprise for permanent display at the carrier museum on NYC’s West Side.  So last week, NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a 747, brought the space shuttle to New York City.

The NASA/Intrepid folks wanted to historically welcome the Enterprise to NYC, so to promote the Enterprise’s arrival, they had it flown up the Hudson River at a relatively low altitude – mounted atop the 747 – while passing her future home, the Intrepid Museum.

A friend just shared these incredible pictures with us & we wanted to share them with you (absolutely no Photoshop/editing was done on either).  If you’ve ever witnessed one of these flyovers, let us know all about it and for more incredible information on all things NASA, be sure to check out their comprehensive site.

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Angela on Pinterest          [Blue’s Clues photo via]

We just might need to take this off the clothesline.

Stay tuned…

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I’ve been doing yoga on and off for about ten years now and aside from balance, inner peace and sweatpants that properly fit, I’ve grown to understand one thing from my practice:

A man must come prepared to do what he needs to do regardless of being the only dude in a female filled room

I’ll admit that my 1st time I pulled a u-turn upon entering the yoga studio and my 2nd time I honestly checked my shirt to see if it read “philanderer” as I stumbled into this zen coffee klatsch. Over the years I’ve grown to love it and honestly appreciate this non-machismo energy.

But then a female friend passed it onto me…


Yoga for men

I’ve grown to enjoy the way it was. Hell, I’ve even gained acceptance by being asked to spot during Shirsasanas every now and then. But does this “Broga” mean I’m out of the club now?

I can’t grunt, groan and talk about the big game while on my pilgrimage to nirvana! As much as we moan about you gals from time to time I like the “taking care of me” part and non-selfless questions like “what do I need?” that your gender has taught me to ask myself.

I bet they don’t even use foam mats in Broga!

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I asked my 2nd grader what she’ll be for Inventors Day at school next month

She rattled off a few of the expected names, paused and then added  “Belgium-an Franklin

I REALLY hope that’s the one she picks!

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I just came across an incredible bunch of people who started a non-profit to better the lives of sick or sheltered children by truly rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in what it would take to make each individual child happy.

Their mission is simple: “to help children escape their everyday pain and allow them to be a kid again, even if it’s for a short period of time. We respond to the needs of the children and provide whatever we can to make their day a little brighter. We help put a smile back on the faces of children who need it most.”

They have chapters located in Florida, Philadelphia & North Carolina. Check them out HERE and if you’re able, lend a hand however you can!

Everyone needs a little smile.