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DTN nprSincere gratitude to NPR, in particular Erika Beras, behavioral health reporter at WESA-FM, for your NPR Morning Edition piece: Daniel Tiger: Won’t You Be His Neighbor which aired this morning.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful we are for our 36 million video streams per month!

While high ratings and streams aren’t frowned upon around here, it’s truly because they serve as a testament that parents yearn for quality, “good for you” programming for their children.

For many of us, such positive reviews help make the labor and the difficulties of work, take a backseat.

Thank you to my incredible Out of the Blue Enterprises family, as well as our team over at The Fred Rogers Company, PBS Kids, 9 Story EntertainmentVoodoo Highway Music & Post.  The magic that is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood couldn’t happen without each one of you!


Have a listen to the NPR piece Daniel Tiger: Won’t You Be His Neighbor right here & let us know what you think about the show by commenting below:

And a special shout out for Blue’s Clues as well! #happymamma

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  1. My grandson Myles Valenzuela love your show nextSaturday he will be 4 yrs old and wants everything daniel tiger. Iam his grandmother and wanted to find a costume so my husband or I could dress as daniel for his party in Tempel City,wanred to know where I might find one? You can email me or call me @ 8183359468Amalia Romary thank you very much for your time and your Show

  2. avatar Glenna says:

    Thank you so much for Daniel! My nine month old granddaughter and I love watching. She claps and waves when it comes on and walks her walker as close to the TV as she can get. I gave her the Daniel ornament for her first Christmas tree even though I wasn’t sure she would make the connection at such a young age. As soon as she saw it she got the most delighted look on her face. She definitely knew who it was!

  3. avatar Mr Henry says:

    Daniel Tiger IS a cat that kid is not wrong

  4. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    No, no–I meant,BEFORE it came out. 🙂 And now you’ve got 36 million views a month. Awesome. 🙂

  5. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    And I was worried it wouldn’t be any good….. 😉