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After many years in development, TODAY’s the BIG premiere! This clip is taken from PBS’ Annual Meeting 2012 where I discuss the new show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Enjoy the show!

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  1. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Hey Angela!
    Well, I’ve seen the first two episodes yesterday (my station showed them in an hour block) .. and they’re terrific. However, I do have a couple questions now that I’ve seen a couple episodes (if ya don’t mind) 🙂
    1. Is the musical lesson (I don’t know its official name) always going to be the same for both stories? (Just curious on that one) 🙂

    These next two are wish list questions—things I’D like to see, but are not by any means deal breakers. 😉

    2. We got to hear 2 older residents of the Neighborhood of Make Believe so far (Daniel Striped Tiger, I am sure, will be VERY prominent in the series—BTW, I LOVE what his job is. :)) but will we hear any others? Lady Elaine, X, Henrietta? I mean, we SAW them, but will we HEAR them?
    3. Will we see (besides [SPOILER!!!!!} Mr. McFeely, which I know from the end song and Youtube ads) any human residents of the Neighborhood from the past? (If the answer’s yes on that one, you are triple awesome) 🙂

    These last 2 (goodness, there are 5. Sorry about that. 🙂 are the slight (SLIGHT) nitpicks I have with these episodes. One a true one, and one just in fun.

    4. The true one: (SPOILER!!!!!) [This I got from one of the ads] Why is Mr. McFeely not voiced by David Newell, the original guy? He’s still around! Did he not want to do it? If so, then nitpick gone. 😉
    5. Finally…. Why the Sam Hill is King Friday still ruling? I mean, this takes place SEVERAL YEARS after the original show, right? King Friday was old back THEN—Tuesday should be king by now! I guess Friday still hasn’t learned to let go of anything, huh? 😉
    Sorry this is so long! 😉 It really is a wonderful show—my heartiest congratulations again!!!! 🙂 (Get some rest.) 😉