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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Angela Santomero

As you’re probably aware by now, our little Daniel Tiger from PBS Kids’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will be welcoming a new baby into his neighborhood tomorrow, Thursday August 14th. We are VERY excited about this BIG news!

We will celebrate the new baby with a Twitter Party at 9-10 pm ET (Be sure to use #DanielTigerPBS).

DTN Twitter Party Santomero

We will also be discussing important steps that new families might wish to consider when welcoming a new child into their home, especially in regard to siblings. We hope that the discussion will aid those families in similar situations & continue beyond!!

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  1. Actually! That was HALF the reach, sweetie!

    The app maxes out at 2,000 tweets. And while the reach was 1.1 million accounts, the impressions were 8.5 million! (again, for HALF of the party)

    Well done you!


    I would like to thank everyone who joined in the fun & success of last night’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Twitter Party..especially my amazing crew at Out of The Blue Enterprises, PBS KIDS, The Fred Rogers Co. & of course, Greeblehaus.

    We were just shy of 2k (1,977) tweets within the 1 hour party & our reach was 1,131,574! That’s Daniel Tiger <3 alright!!

    Thanks again!