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Daniel Tiger & Autism
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has received a wonderful response since we launched in September. However, we’ve received many comments from parents of children with autism. We are thrilled with any connection that we’ve made but receiving messages like this one,  from ASD Mom, make us proud to help however or whomever we can..

Thank you for this wonderful show. I have the honor of being a mom to a brilliant 4 year old with high-functioning Autism. This show is perfect for kids with ASD.

The day after we watched the first show, he wanted to do show & tell. When I told him that he wasn’t supposed to have show & tell until the next day, he immediately said, “I feel disappointed.” He proceeded to sing “When something seems bad, turn it around & find something good” (complete with the choreography of a spin). He then proceeded to tell me that he was excited to see his friends at school that day.

We have seen him be able to quickly translate the lessons from other episodes into real life, as well.  This is the only show he has ever watched that elicits this type of  response.

Thank you!



Sincere thanks to you ASD Mom & to learn more about Autism or to help those who are affected by it visit:

Autism Speaks

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  1. avatar Hailey says:

    I definitely agree with ASD Mom!! I keep recommending Daniel Tiger to all my ASD mom friends and my son’s therapists. He began watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood a few months ago, and he LOVES it. He is almost 4 and mostly nonverbal still. However since watching Daniel Tiger, his speech has just gone leaps and bounds! He will now sing the songs, imitate going to the potty, and help us clean up. His social and self-care skills have improved, and it’s just been amazing to watch! While I know this show probably wasn’t created with ASD kids in mind, it’s such a great tool to help them learn speech, appropriate social skills, potty training, pretending (my son now pretends to fly and says, “Su-No” for Super Noah, haha), and basic daily routines. Thank you thank you thank you for this show!! I loved Mr Rogers as a kid, and I almost cried when I heard my little boy sing “I like you just the way you are…” for the first time. 🙂

  2. avatar ASD Mom says:

    I’m so glad that you liked my feedback. I mean every word of it. Thank you for the work you do and for the positive impact you have. It’s truly life changing!

  3. avatar Michael says:

    As an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome I was amazed to see this today since I just got back from an office where people help youngsters and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where I hope they will help me to find a job and with other things I need.

    I love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I desperately need a show like this to help me keep my priorities straight in a world where so much of the media is just the opposite. It never fails to make me smile, and appreciate the message.

    God bless you, Mrs. Santomero! Your show is the perfect way to continue Mister Rogers’ legacy–it’s not at all what he would have done, which is the best compliment I can give it!

    • I’m so happy we’re making you smile Michael & everything else..well, it’s just gravy! Thanks for reaching out to us about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood & best of luck to you

      • avatar Michael says:

        Thank you for your reply! This is as close as I’ve gotten to meeting the real Mister Rogers this side of Heaven!

        One of my favorite lines was “How would you feel if your cake got smushed?” Because there was nothing in that question except the question–no resentment, no nothing. Children don’t play games with language as we grownups do–and it’s hard to un-learn that.

        I look forward to seeing issues addressed that were of particular significance for me at that age (I’m blessed enough to remember how I thought as a child–to some degree I still think and feel that way). I’ve already seen some and I expect and hope to see more that I haven’t seen yet!

        • Thank you for YOUR reply Michael. It means a lot to me.

          If more people remembered how they thought as a child, I think the world would be a sunnier place!