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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood's Miss Elaina


Miss Elaina aka Addison Holley

Miss Elaina is an impulsive & imaginative preschooler. She has a big heart and even bigger ideas! Behind the adorable pigtails is the talented voice actor, Addison Holley.

We had the opportunity to ask Miss Elaina’s Addison a few questions about herself and her role on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.


Hiya toots! How old are you and where are you from?

I am 12 yrs old and live in Burlington, Ontario, which is just outside of Toronto.


How are you similar to your character, Miss Elaina?

I have fun playing Miss Elaina because we share a lot of the same personality traits. One being we both have big personalities! We also both love playing with our friends. Oh, & we both like doing cartwheels. However I don’t do everything backwards!


If you had to pick one favorite episode, which would it be?

I love them all, but if I were to choose one I would have to say the Thank You Day episode. I really liked the message it sent.Miss Elaine & Daniel Tiger Family


What’s your favorite book?

My favourite book is A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.


When you’re not in the studio recording, what’s your favorite activity?

I love to dance, hang out with my family, play with my dogs, and draw!


ADDISON HOLLEY is 12 yrs old & has enjoyed every second that has been spent in the world of entertainment, as her passions include voice work, on camera & live stage where most recently she played Emilie in War Horse. Currently she can be seen in many animated series such as My Big Big Friend as “Lily”, Ella the Elephant as “Ella”, and Peg+Cat as “Tessa”.

Knowing the history of where Daniel Tigers Neighborhood originates from makes it even more special knowing the role Mister Rogers played in children’s lives. Some of her on-camera work include TV series work such as Baxter and Really Me (both on family channel), a reoccurring role on My Babysitters A Vampire, & a short film “Rosie Takes The Train”.  Addison also adds dancing to her list of loves and spends a lot of her time training in all styles.


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  1. avatar Dawn says:

    I have one comment and one question:
    1. I like how you gave the word “toots” a positive spin…kinda like what the rap industry did in the 90’s w/calling pple “my dog”. It’s a friendly thing.
    2. What is the rectangle on Alaina’s collar? It reminds me of the Catholic scapular, but that is worn underneath their clothes. Is it the washing instructions tag found in most clothes, or is it something else? Thank you for your time & keep up the great work!

    • Hi. I’m glad you’re on board with spinning the old into the new..especially when it’s transformed into a positive. Linguistics are very tricky in that regard & we definitely get some push back with evolving terminology. But you hit it right on the head!

      And you’re correct about Alaina’s collar. It’s the tag sticking out. We did it to play on Miss Elaina’s firecracker personality, and her love of everything “backwards”. Not to mention she’s definitely the kind of kid who likes to dress herself 🙂

      Thanks Dawn.

  2. avatar Adam says:

    My son and I watch the show and enjoy it. However…the only reason I sought out this forum was to investigate this “Toots/tuts” I’ve only heard it referring to a woman synonymous with dame, doll, babe etc. Yeah, little offensive but honestly I just wanted to know what “toots” meant in this show.

    • Believe me, DTN uses the term in a completely loving way. Most terminology in our vernacular can be traced back to various roots of origin. If you’ve seen it used within the show, in an innapropriate fashion please let me know. Thank you!

  3. avatar miss lee says:

    I love it when she say toots as well as my two year old . As a. Parent that grew up on mr .rogers i appreciate that my daughter can watch this excellent comparison if not the real thing…i beg you don’t change a thing the show obviously doesn’t offend kids & thats who its for…

  4. avatar Michelle Daino says:

    Toots is mildly offensive? Give me a break! Angela…you have created a wonderful program which pays tribute to Fred Rogers’ legacy which my whole family enjoys. Thank you!

    • When a show is broadcast in many different regions around the globe, or throughout a diverse mix of cultures, it’s difficult to get it 100% perfect. We do our homework, as best we can, so that dialogue or mannerisms aren’t found to be offensive to anyone, but every so often an interpretation is brought to our attention that is new to us. We’re always learning I guess. Thanks for your support & kind comments Michelle!!

  5. avatar lanora says:

    As cute as Miss Elania is could you consider changing the use of Toots. I and others find the use of the word mildly offensive.

    Other than that, love the small themed songs. and lessons.

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  7. avatar Tiffany C says:

    What a cutie! She is VERY talented as Miss Elaina – good luck to her!