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Daniel Tiger Renewed

PBS Kids Renews Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

I literally just sent a note to Nicole, a mother of two year old twins. In the message, I explained that there’s a lot of love poured into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and while, like any other business, there are challenging times where it’s necessary to fight for what you believe in, knowing who our audience is and receiving such incredible feedback like hers helps so very much.

I honestly believe that we treat the characters as our own children and have the utmost of respect for yours..we hope that comes through in the show.

So thank you Nicole, Malina Saval @MalinaSaval (Variety – Assoc Editor) and everyone who’s ever had a kind word to say Fred Rogers’ baby, Daniel. After all, we do it to make this a happier world.

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, 
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. 

So let’s make the most of this beautiful day, 
Since we’re together, we might as well say, 
Would you be mine? 
Could you be mine? 
Won’t you be my neighbor?

-Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

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  1. avatar Rosiebaby says:

    Daniel tiger is an absolute godsend to us, I say this as our 8 month old son jumps up and down in his jumper as he watches good morning good night for the well over 100th time I’m sure lol. He has been watching daniel since he was three months old. I really need to thank you for bringing daniel tiger to life again. I’m 36 now and I was a huge mister Rogers fan when I was a child. I really cant explain to you how much my son adores Daniel and his friends at such a young age, I find it absolutely amazing. He recently just learned to clap his hands and I owe it all to “hey daniel tiger, how do you do, show us something special that you can do”. The second he hears the opening theme, it’s an automatic ear to ear smile EVERY time!!! No other show has this effect on him. Mr. Rogers would be so proud of what you have done with daniel tigers neighborhood. The show is absolutely ingenious!!! Well done Ms. Santomero! Bravo!!!!

  2. avatar Laura Myers says:

    Our 8 month old son Lucas LOVES Daniel Tiger.He even “talks” to him when we turn the show on PBS and Netflix. For his 1st birthday,everyone is expecting his theme to have characters I won’t name,but one is a certain mouse 😉 for his party.We decided to do Daniel Tiger instead.I’ve been spreading the word about the show and love what it represents.As Mr.Rodgers fans from back in the day,it’s so wonderful to relive our childhood in our baby’s eyes.Keep up the great work!
    Ugga Mugga!

    • I smile every time I see a comment like yours. It’s nice when it goes full circle, no?

      For years I have (also) respected Fred Rogers’ work so it was a bit intimidating at the start but what an honor it’s been! I couldn’t desire to continue the legacy of anyone else!

      Thank you Laura, so very much!

  3. avatar Alan says:

    As a father of two, my wife and I love this show. This is one of two shows we allow our children to watch. We always love the values it shows, And the way it conveys them. The very first episode, the birthday episode, has been on our dvr for months because it’s the house favorite.

    Congratulations on everything and the good work!

    • Thank you so very much Alan. And I LOVE hearing from the Dads!!

      We put a lot into each Daniel Tiger episode, but between you & me, the birthday episode is high on my list as well 🙂 Give your little ones a hug from me please & stay tuned for some tiger-ific episodes ahead!!

  4. avatar Faith says:

    My almost 3 year old son fell in love with Blue’s Clues when he was about 18 months old…and so did I, with the educational, fun, intentional aspect of each show. A few months ago, we discovered Daniel Tiger, which my son quickly grew to love as well. I love how the show deals with real emotions and life situations. Valuable programming. That’s when I noticed a familiar name in the credits, “Angela Santomero” and thought, “Hey…I think she did Blue’s Clues too.” Sure enough! One day recently, I hadn’t noticed that Daniel Tiger had ended and Super Why came on. I’m quite selective about what my kids watch, and I don’t just let the tv run with whatever is on. My son was riveted with what he was watching, so I joined him to see what was so interesting. When the credits rolled, my mouth dropped! But of course, it all makes sense. What Angela Santomero has a part in, is quality, educational and valuable children’s television programming. I just want to say “Thank you!” from a Mother who appreciates the excellent children’s television programming you have helped produce. I can’t thank you enough. Keep it up!

    • THANK YOU, THANK YOU so very much Faith. It’s not all roses in the TV biz, as I’m sure you can imagine, but notes like your make it all worth it. Thank you for seeing what we truly put into it all & for truly respecting quality children’s television programming. I need you in my next focus group!!!


  5. avatar Dave Johnson says:

    We sing the songs constantly! (Sometimes my wife and I play the: “how many Daniel songs can you remember?” game because we watch one Daniel after our twins come back from Daycare) We’ve been potty training and we always tell the girls “to stop and go right away” but they also tell each other. If I ask Leah “Leah, do you have to go potty?” Emma sings “If you have to go Potty Leah, STOP and go right away!”

    Happy to hear a second season of songs and lessons is coming. Hopefully there will be a third. And fourth. And…so on 🙂

  6. avatar Michael says:

    Congratulations! This is welcome news!

    Have just been watching the “sad” episodes, and those are officially some of my favorites now. Apart from the message, the music in that is excellent–just perfect! So potent! My compliments to whoever writes it!

    • There was a ton of research that went into those Michael. We were very happy with the way they came out as well. Next time, check out the credits then comment over here & I’ll pass it on. And if it’s me..well, I’ll spread that around too 🙂

      Much thanks Michael!

      • avatar Michael says:

        It definitely shows.

        Brian Pickett, Graeme Cornies, James Chapple, David Kelly (I think that’s what it said in the end credits).

        You’re welcome!

  7. avatar Mandy says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE DANIEL TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar D says:

    I am so glad to hear this! Daniel Tiger was the very first show we let our son watch, and it is just part of the way he communicates now.

    The other day, he was struggling to put together a toy train track, and we sang to him, “Keep trying, you’ll get better. Try, try, try.” About five minutes later, he jumped up, all excited, shouting, “I TRIED! I TRIED!” and showed us how he’d fixed the track. Now, he advises people to “Try, try, try” when they are struggling (like when the cat won’t eat her food, “Just TRY, cat!”), and I’ve even heard him say it in his sleep. When we pick up his toys, we sing him, “Clean up pick up put away,” and he helps. The other day, we were going on a walk, and he actually stopped to clean up his toys first without me even asking him to–actually without me even thinking about it. And, yes, he was humming that song while he did it! The child is not even two years old.

    Your show has taught him so much about the world, from what to do when you’re scared to how fun the rain can be. We are so, so grateful that Daniel Tiger exists, and we look forward to new episodes. Congrats!

    • We’d love to take the credit for your kind comments. But we’ve been handed Mister Rogers’ Bible on Child Development & a sprinkling or two of our own creativity. Nonetheless, we are so very happy that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has found a happy place in your home 🙂

  9. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! 🙂

    PS: Did you know Wishenpoof’s pilot is up? I’ve watched it–not as much my thing as Creative Galaxye, but i hope it does well for you!