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Following Hurricane Sandy, we’re still without full power and internet access (outside of 3G) but we couldn’t wait any longer to post our Halloween Photo Contest Winner.

This year, our judges were we decided on 2 winners. Congratulations to Julie & Sarah’s little one’s for 2 most memorable pictures!! Prizes will be sent your way.

Thanks for joining in everyone & be safe out there!


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  1. avatar Elizabeth McBride says:

    wow that bee is some kinda wonderful!! love her

  2. avatar Vanita "ViVi" Homer says:

    I’m very, very patial as I am the grandmother of the “bee” winner; don’t you love her gorgeous blue eyes and that adorable face; my heart melts everytime I’m with her!

  3. avatar Monica J says:

    Congrats to the winners. They are cuties!

  4. avatar Alexandra says:

    Very lovely , bee I especially liked

  5. avatar sharon says:

    the cutest superwhy ever