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My 12 yr old loves Wicked…and Idina Menzel.

She started singing the Wicked songs when she was 3 (note to self:  find that video!). And she’s singing The Wizard and I for her voice recital.

So, when I heard that Idina (aka Elphaba) was playing at Carnegie Hall I just had to take her.

There we were, at the start of the concert, listening to the orchestra play “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and transition into “The Wizard and I”.  Hope looked at me, gasped and then watched, with her eyes wide, as Idina sang in her beautiful pink gown and comfy, bare feet.

I cried. Big tears.

It was one of those moments that I knew changed her. She was inspired, excited and thrilled.
Idina Menzel site

And then the kicker, in an effort to try to cement (or at least, lean towards) the Super Mom status, after the show we got to go THERE..yes, backstage


My daughter was star struck and Idina was super sweet with her.  We found out that her son loves Super Why!  Hope thought that was pretty cool, too.
Idina Menzel - Angela SantomeroAs a Mom, I live to make my girls’ dreams come true.  Best feeling in the world.
Donny OsmondDonny Osmond
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  1. avatar Val says:

    This just made me teary. What a mom! Isn’t it wonderful when we can tap into something we know will inspire our kids for years to come? The best part of being a parent is the job of being a memory maker. Well done.

  2. avatar Tiffany C says:

    You’re so awesome! I didn’t really have an idol as a little gal, but I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to idolize someone actually get to meet him/her. So kudos to you!

  3. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Awesome! How fun!

  4. avatar DaDa Rocks says:

    That is PRETTY FREAKING COOL!!!! And you’re well on your way to Super Mom of 2013 🙂 its a memory your daughter will have forever!