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Angela Santomero & Jason Mraz

Earlier in October I spoke about meeting Jason Mraz, for the first time, at a JFK center event in Washington, DC.

I was excited to meet the incredibly successful & talented singer that isn’t too cool to sing a Mister Rogers song at his concerts. But to completely push me over the (happy) edge, he was interested in recording the opening and closing songs of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for us.


I’m sorry, what?!


Sitting on the “this might happen” info for months was painful but we finally got word that, although Jason was on tour, he was able to squeeze in some studio time, to record the tracks for US.


While this info didn’t leak until a few months ago, I am so proud to announce that today, on this day o’ LOVE, Jason Mraz has taken us in and out of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood by way of what he does best. I can not thank Mr. Mraz & his team of professionals enough.

Enjoy & let me know what you think of the new version!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Valentine's Day

Also, be sure to check out the beautiful post that Marshall Heyman, of the Wall Street Journal’s Culture section, wrote about Mraz’s involvement for today’s episode, entitled Mr. Rogers’ Classics & Tiger Love. But did Jason Mraz really “record them wearing a cardigan“?Wall Street Journal well as Jason’s mention, on his blog, about the impact that Fred Rogers had on him.

“It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is.”
Jason Mraz

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  1. avatar Virtuous says:

    Hi Angela. Let me just say Daniel Tiger is a HUGE hit in my house, especially with my two year old. We love this show and sing the songs all day. I love that when a problem arises, we can sing a Daniel Tiger song and it helps us get through it! Amazing! I do want to say that the music is one reason why we love this show so much, but what happened to the original singer of the theme song? I noticed in the new nature show that it’s different. We LOVED the original voice. Thank you Angela for creating this show!

  2. […] Santomero, Angela (February 14, 2013). “Jason Mraz sings on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”. Angela’s Clues. Retrieved January 7, 2014. […]

  3. avatar VINKO MILIĆ says:

    My nephew Gabriel has been learning some reading skills with Super WHY! and now one little buddy, loves Daniel Tiger. I wanna know about the chance of broadcast of Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood on Discovery Kids Latin America. But please, without ad’s or cutting scenes!!! My Twitter page for comments to me @VIMILIC1

  4. avatar caroline says:

    Hello. One question if Jason mraz sings the theme song for Daniel tiger’s neighborhood then he is the voice in most of the songs played in the episodes right? I love love love his voice. songs like “it’s you I like” makes me soo happy

  5. avatar caroline says:

    hello ms. santomero, I love, love, love the music played on Daniel tiger’s neighborhood. if Jason mraz is the the one who sings the theme song then he is also the voice in most of the songs played in the episodes. is this a fact. I’ve been dying to know. songs like “it’s you I like”, it’s okay to feel sad sometimes”, and many others I wish there was a full version of these songs. i’d play them all the time

    • Hello Caroline. I love the music too on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Jason Mraz did make a special recording for us but our friends over at Voodoo Highway & Music create & produce it with us (Out of the Blue Ent) and the Fred Rogers Co. Voodoo is an incredibly talented bunch of musicians. If you didn’t catch my earlier post about them, it’s right HERE:

      And regarding your own private DTN collection, it’s all available right HERE:
      I only bring it up because you asked.

      Have a great day!

  6. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Hold that thought–one half of the episode has appeared on the website, so my question has been answered!
    (Any Jason Miraz fans who missed it, check it out here–the opening AND closing by Jason are both in the video:
    It’s strange–I like Jason’s version of the opening better, but I prefer the original closing. 🙂

  7. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Okay, now I’m confused. (Don’t feel bad, Angela–this is nothing new. ;)) Are you talking about, like, a NEW version of the theme song, or has Jason always been singing it. (I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jason sing–don’t hurt me. 😉