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To me, Maurice Sendak exemplified that talented artist who chose to transform his difficulties into fun and wonder.

ALL of us have varying degrees of misfortune in our lives that could negatively alter who we become. The question is,

What do we do with the dark & uncomfortable moments in our lives that show us their terrible claws?

Many of us linger on these moments. Allowing them to create anger and bitterness, which undoubtedly trickle down to those around us. Mr. Sendak CHOSE to redirect his misfortune, so that it would serve as fuel to share his creativity with millions of readers, young and old.


Maurice Sendak would have been 84 years old today. He died last year, an hour from my home, but his fanciful characters and worlds will continue to live on. Thank you Google for honoring him in today’s Google Doodle.

illustrator: Andy Marlette

illustrator: Andy Marlette


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  1. avatar D says:

    I love his work. Reading his books, there are so many layers, and they are the kind of books that only get more interesting the older you get.

    His life story reminds me of Henri Nouwen, who was one of Fred Rogers’ favorite writers. I just read his “Life of the Beloved” after reading about him in a few Fred Rogers biographies. I figured anyone who inspired Fred Rogers was worth a read. Nouwen was a priest who (they say) was also gay, but, being sworn to celibacy, was obviously never able to really express his sexuality. It was so shameful to him and so painful, but it inspired so much amazing writing, as well as his whole theory that it was ok to be “imperfect” (whatever that means to each of us), because true spirituality was not about being perfect but about accepting yourself as beloved just as you are.

    I am glad that although Mister Sendak suffered the injustice of the times, he still had love. I wonder if people can ever truly understand how much their pain can touch others’ lives? While I’d never wish that kind of hurt or intolerance on other people, it is amazing how that darkness turned into something illuminating through art.

    Great video, too, Google!

    • I didn’t know that Nouwen was an inspiration to Mr. Rogers! And you’re right that it’s incredible what some people make of their troubling situations. It’s also no surprise that many gravitate to the arts for their own self expression.

      Pretty creative, those folks at Google! Thanks D.