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Jake Beale

Part of what makes Daniel Tiger‘s  Neighborhood of Make-Believe so rich and lively are the voices that bring our character to life!

So, who are the voices?

Meet Jake Beale.  He is an 11 year-old adorable boy with lots of spunk and enthusiasm for Daniel!  He gets to sing, he gets to imagine, and he gets to be friends with millions of preschoolers!

This week, we’re giving you a never before sneak peek, behind the voices that make Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood so special.

Can you feel the love?? 


Hi Jake.  You play a preschool tiger named Daniel but how old are you..really?   

I’m 11.


And you have a teensy bit of an accent, where are you from? 

I’m from Toronto, Canada.


How are you like Daniel Tiger? Are your personalities similar?

I like to learn about new things and teach others new things.We’re both funny and we both love to sing.  I love to sing in the shower and annoy my two older sisters.


If you had to pick one favorite episode, which would it be?

Good Morning, Daniel.

I love that one, too and not just because I wrote it! And you sing so beautifully in that episode! 



If Daniel Tiger could do anything or go anywhere in the next episode, what would you want it to be?

Jamaica!  Because I like to swim and I love the beach.

Maybe we should start a campaign so we could go to Jamaica and write and record an episode from there!  I’m packed and ready to go!


What’s your favorite book?

The Hunger Games.  I’ve read them..twice.


When you’re not in the studio recording, what’s your favorite activity?

Hockey.  Hockey.  Hockey.  And tennis.


What was the funniest moment for you while working on the show?

One time I burped in the recording studio.


Jake has been acting since he was four years old. His adorable raspy voice has helped him land roles in a number of cartoons and currently most of his time acting is spent in voice studios. Jake works very hard at balancing his time on set with his school work and other passions. When he’s not in the studio or at school you can find him playing hockey, spending time with friends and family, or relaxing at sleep-away camp. Share some of your favorite Daniel episodes below with Jake!

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  1. avatar Ashley McCullough says:

    Hi, Angela! As a child of the late 70s and early 80s, I was the kid who was OBSESSED with Mr. Rogers, in every way. I think he was the first non-family member to encourage my inner nerd and explorer. So I’m sure you can imagine how skeptical I was when this cartoon came out. “There can be only one!!!” Man, was I wrong. You probably get this all of the time, but my whole family adores this little guy and his sweet, caring friends and family. I LOVE the elements of Fred Rogers, not just the characters or stories, that you’ve incorporated. (“Look for the helpers. You will ALWAYS find people who are helping.” I may or may not have burst into happy tears when Daniel’s dad repeated this adage to our little tiger buddy. I’m genuinely jealous of your writing team! 🙂

    But beyond just loving the reinvention of my favorite childhood show, I appreciate that I can happily let my children (Norah, 5.5 and Lucien, 2.5) watch Daniel Tiger and know that the message is ALWAYS going to be one of exploration, imagination, kindness, compassion, and service to others. I probably don’t have to tell you how many “children’s shows” are just filled with whiny, sassy kids and no relevant, teachable moments. I applaud you and everything that you have put into endearing these characters to a new generation of children/ future global citizens. I’m 100% that Fred Rogers would be perfectly delighted by his 2016 friends from The Neighborhood! Good on ya, friend.

    The McCullough Family, Atlanta, GA

    • Thank you so very much Ashley. I’m glad Norah and Lucien are passionate about what we put into Daniel!

      Between you & me, I was “a tad” obsessed with Fred Rogers as well. I can’t begin to tell you how I felt the first time I was invited onto his set! Big shoes to fill, but we seem to be getting a lot of smiles..both big & small.

      Hugs to entire the McCullough Family!


  2. avatar Grandma Rose says:

    Hi, Angela and Jake ! I am a grandma who
    watches with my grandkids in New Orleans.
    My grandson, a very smart age 2, almost 3, has
    a new accent ! People have a quizzical expression
    here when they hear him say certain words like
    “potty” (which sounds like “pawty” right ?) As a 3 year old, he has also incorporated Daniel in to his
    imaginary play. And his mom was pregnant for
    his sister when Daniel became a big brother.
    I can tell you that those shows made a difference.
    He became a more loving big brother. We like to use the phrases too, as others do, like “use your words” when he cries and we don’t know why. He makes a pouty face tnen because he knows it’s a gotcha ! I am a psychotherapist and teacher and really appreciate all the social skills that you teach. There really isn’t enough of that taught in schools. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for your kind words Grandma Rose. There’s a lot of development we put into each episode of Daniel Tiger so that it respects those that tune in. We can all learn from each other!!


  3. avatar Auntie Dell says:

    Hello Jake! And hello Angela! I watch the show with my great-nephews aged 22 months and four years old. As a Brit, I knew nothing of Mr. Rogers, but after sixteen months of regular Daniel Tiger viewing, I love the whole ethos of the show. Even I learn from Daniel and his friends!

    The only problem is that I sometimes find myself singing a song out in public, among grownup people – there’s nothing quite so embarrassing as bursting into ‘if you have to go potty, stop and go right away’ while waiting in line at the bank, minus the boys! 🙂

    As a Highland Scot, I really love Jake’s Toronto accent. Reminds me of home!

    • Happy to hear it. And I have a similar issue with singing the songs in public..could be much worse 😉
      We’ve heard that before as well. Happy to hear it brings you back!
      Thanks for commenting Auntie Dell!

  4. avatar Daliana Santiago says:

    Hi jake me and my daughter karina watch your show everyday is very healthy and shows a lot of manners to my daughter she got a little daniel stuff animal that sleeps with every night….you’re so gorgeous god bless you and your talent

  5. avatar Andrew says:

    Thank you so much for making my favorite show ever: Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. I’m one of your older male fans, but I just love the show.Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is very relaxing, just like Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was, most kid shows are to hyper, which I hate.

    My favorite character is Katerina Kittycat she’s so pretty, feminine and she sings beautifully please make more episodes with her. Katerina is voiced by my favorite actress Amariah Faulkner; which I’ve noticed you don’t have her interview here. Please don’t ever change Katerina’s voice!

  6. avatar Andrew Mills says:

    Thank you so much for making my favorite show ever: Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. I’m one of your older male fans, but I just love the show.Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is very relaxing, just like Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was, most kid shows are to hyper, which I hate.

    My favorite character is Katerina Kittycat she’s so pretty, feminine and she sings beautifully please make more episodes with her.Katerina is voiced by my favorite actress Amariah Faulkner; which I’ve noticed you don’t have her interview here. Please don’t ever change Katerina’s voice!

  7. avatar Le says:

    my son is a big big big big big big big oh and did i say big fan of you! he literally wants to wach every day!

  8. avatar Riley Shutt says:

    Please read this post to Jake:


    My name’s Riley. I’m a 13 going on 14 year old living in Southern California. Although I’m pretty darn young, I have a mission, and that mission is to show kids living with cancer that life is about happiness and perseverance. I then founded Project CSWS (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, which is also a favorite saying of my PE teacher xD) to associate with that idea. Let me just say for the record that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood really helped me put it together throughly. God bless Fred Rogers.

    Anyhoo, I am planning on doing a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood live show at a big park that’s next to an elementary school. The kindergarteners, first graders, and their families at that school (Maxwell Elementary) are all invited to attend, as well as those kinders and first graders from other schools.The event is called Daniel Tiger’s Grrr-ific Fun Fair, and it’s sort of like a mini carnival, with a live interactive show, arts and crafts, and games. I am saving already for a Daniel Tiger full body costume.

    Jake, I’m hereby inviting you to play as Daniel in this event! You’ll be able to fully interact with everyone there since you’re the voice of him. Also, this is an event I’ve been planning on doing for a time now but nevet got the chance to work on it. I’m sure in the process we’ll become friends.

    Thanks a lot Angela and Jake. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and as a team, I’m sure it will happen.

    Ugga mugga to everyone at PBS


    • Thanks for the message Riley. Sorry it took a while to respond. I’ll forward this to Riley but I can’t promise anything unfortunately.

      Best of luck with your project. It sounds like a great idea!!


  9. avatar Riley Shutt says:

    Can you show this post to Jake, Angela?


    My name’s Riley. I’m a 13 going on 14 year old kid attending school in Anaheim, CA. I’m a serious guy with missions and goals that will make such an impact on kids’ lives. My first project is Project CSWS (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop), an organization with a mission, and that mission is to show kids with severe disabilities know that they can do anything they want to if they put their heart and spirit to it.

    I am planning on doing a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood live show for the kindergarteners and first graders at Maxwell Elementary School, a school not far from my middle school. I am already trying to get some cash together in hopes that I’ll be able to purchase a Daniel Tiger full body costume that’s not too big, not too small. It’s not just going to be a live show—–it’ll practically be an indoor carnival with crafts and games. I was really hoping if you could play Daniel in this event, since you’re the voice of him, and when kids talk to you, you’ll be able to respond, since at most live shows they have speakers to play the charactet’s voices, and when you go meet them, they don’t speak at all! AAUUGH!!! I hate reality. I’m really crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to do this, because I’be been wanting to do this for a really long time. In the process, I’m sure we’ll become fast friends, and I’ve always wanted to be friends with an actor on TV.
    My email address is if you want to contact me Jake.

    Thanks a million neighbor!


  10. avatar Lorena says:

    My son Liam is one and a half years old and every morning he brings me the computer keyboard to play him some Daniel Tiger (we dont have cable, just a computer attached to a big screen TV). He absolutely loves this show and loves the books we got him too. Thanks so much for creating such a great kids show that teaches you how you and other people around you are special. Thanks Mr Rogers and Angela! 🙂

  11. avatar Chip says:

    I’ve got to say that my son Jack started loving Daniel Tiger very early. By 2 months of age, he would recognize the theme song, smile, and get excited. He is 14 months old, and although it was his favorite show most of his life, and still one of his favorite shows, he turns away (and turns off to it) when he hears the autotuned singing in season 2. I agree with him on this. It’s horrible now.

    I wish the people in charge would stop ruining a great show with something totally unneeded/unwanted…

    That being said, I still love the show, stories, and the fact that it is rooted from the Mr. Rogers show I grew up with.

  12. avatar BlazeHeartPanther says:

    Let me be the first to put out their that I might be one of a few male adults who like this show. I don’t have kids, but I love any kind of animation format. Daniel Tiger is one of those shows where they have very cute characters and I can dig that. The introduction of Margaret and episodes involving her are some of my favorites cause I have a personal connection with them.

    But back to Jake, its nice to see what these actors look like and hopfully you dive more into the rest of the cast. I’ve wanted to ask (and if hes not to busy to answer) what were his own thoughts on his recording for the episodes reguarding his reactions to his new baby sister and interactions with her? Plus, who did the adorable babbles and gurgles of Margarets voice?

    • I get plenty of positive comments about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood from men, though I’m still grateful for yours! Margaret especially, has received some nice feedback.

      We’ll try to get some answers for you from Jake & there’ll be more posts from the other actors as well! The talented folks at Voodoo Highway get the kudos for much of the audio that you hear as well

      Thank for tuning in Blazeheart

    • ..and Alexandra Cassel (our multi-talented Associate Producer at Out of the Blue Enterprises) wanted to let you know that the voice actor that did the adorable babbles and gurgles of Margaret’s voice is none other than Kira Gelineau. #nailedit

  13. avatar Mikhel says:

    Can you have jake Beale send me his autograph

    Name-mikhel sinclair
    Address: 8 knottingham dr
    Town: voorhees
    State: nj
    Zip code:08043

  14. avatar Nadia says:

    Angela & Jake you don’t know what an impact you have had on my daughter Mila. Since the show 1st aired in October of 2013 there is not a day we go without watching the show. Mila is such a fan that for her 2nd birthday this past November it was Daniel tiger’s neighborhood themed. She has all the books, her favorite ones are “Goodnight, Daniel Tiger” which by the way Angela,let me just say that little dedication you made to your daughters Hope & Ella was super touching! & “Daniel goes to the potty.” She also has a plush collection of all the characters. We hope and pray for the continuation of this little Daniel Tiger who has been a blessing to children everywhere. Jake, you are a talented young man with a bright future ahead of you. May God bless you always. Also, Angela you are my idol! I would love to meet you one day. Is it possible to arrange that? I would love to show you the pictures of Mila’s birthday party that was a hit thanks to Daniel Tiger. Best regards, Nadia & Mila <3

  15. avatar Nadia says:

    Angela & Jake you don’t know what an impact you have had on my daughter Mila. Since the show 1st aired in October of 2013 there is not a day we go without watching the show. Mila is such a fan that for her 2nd birthday this past November it was Daniel tiger’s neighborhood themed. She has all the books, her favorite ones are “Goodnight, Daniel Tiger” which by the way Angela,let me just say that little dedication you made to your daughters Hope & Ella was super touching! & “Daniel goes to the potty.” She also has a plush collection of all the characters. We hope and pray for the continuation of this little Daniel Tiger who has been a blessing to children everywhere. Jake, you are a talented young man with a bright future ahead of you. May God bless you always. Also, Angela you are my idol! I would love to meet you one day. Is it possible to arrange that? I would love to show you the pictures of Mila’s birthday party that was a hit thanks to Daniel Tiger. Best regards, Nadia & Mila <3

  16. avatar Chris says:

    My two older kids (15 & 12) grew up watching Blues’s Clues. We often had to stop, breathe & think, which my husband still quotes to his co-workers. 😉 My 2 year old loves Daniel, and we sing all of the little lessons like “you can take turn & then you’ll give it back”. Daniel also is special to me because I grew up with Mr. Rodgers. Keep up the amazing work that you do. You, and all your characters, are appreciated and loved.

  17. avatar Kathy says:

    We are also huge fans of Daniel Tiger. The songs come in handy so often. We sing at LEAST one a day. If we’re out and about “when you wait, you can play, sing, or imagine anything” or if someone is feeling needy at drop off “grown ups come back”. Thank you, thank you!

  18. avatar Christie says:

    My 6 month old loves this show. He gets such a big grin when the characters come close. My son gets a little cranky if he doesn’t get his Daniel fix for the day!

  19. avatar Yannie Rivera says:

    My son Jace is 14MO and he loves Daniel Tiger since he was 6 or 7 MO! I love to see his face smiling everytime he sees Daniel. I remember him waking up (if his nappy was light) at Trolley’s beeping! its amazing to see his eyes full of emotion and excitement. He even bounce or rock around with the music, plus I know all the music too, LOL. Im glad that this show teach kids a world of manners, feelings and behaving in a very nice way that with a simple song you can remember what to do. Hope you can continue doing the show for many many years!!!

    PS I will love to send you a pic of my kid watching Daniel comfy in the bed in front of the TV! its so sweet!

  20. avatar Damion says:

    My son is officially Daniel Tiger’s Biggest fan (okay so he’s tied for first with all the rest of the children mentioned here)! I’m so happy for such a show to be on TV! I even get into it and sing the songs through my life! I’m so happy that these are things that our children can learn in such an engaging format. My son has been in love with this show since he was 7 months old.

  21. avatar Denise says:

    My 3 year old, Micah loves Daniel Tiger. He knows all of the songs and sings them when applicable. For example, “if you have to go potty, stop and go right away…” He will sing through that during potty time. Thanks for creating something great and keeping alive a legacy (Mr. Rogers) we all enjoyed growing up.

  22. I like how you you know how to sing

  23. avatar kayla says:

    My son is 4yrs old and has been watching Daniel tigers neighborhood since it started. I believe it is a wonderful show with children.

  24. avatar Alicia says:

    I watch Daniel Tiger on Netflix with my 2 year old. He dances to the songs and I can use them during tough situations. Thank you for teaching important lessons and not just entertaining!

  25. avatar Marlaina says:

    My 20th month old daughter, Cynthia, loves Daniel Tiger. She has all the stuffed animals of him. She knows the theme song and everything. She also tries to sing with him. Thank you for such a great show. She loves it.

  26. avatar Allison says:

    I can’t tell you how many times we have used Daniel Tiger songs to help my daughter. “Groooooownups come back” got us through a very difficult seperation anxiety phase and “when you feel so mad…” got us through a tantrum phase. Too many others to count! My daughter has been watching since the beginning. I love this show! It teaches so many life lessons perfect for preschoolers. Keep up the good work!

    • I’m so happy Allison, that Daniel has assisted your daughter with some important life lessons. Growing up isn’t always easy, so it’s great she’s got some help from the Neighborhood of Make Believe!

  27. avatar Darisse says:

    I like to post the wisdom from each episode on my social media accounts. If adults followed the rules of Daniel Tiger, the world would be a better place.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Darisse. Hopefully, when this new generation become adults, the world will be a better place. All thanks to Mister Rogers & friends.

      Thanks for sharing

  28. avatar Priscilla says:

    LOVE watching Daniel with my little man! He’s 15 months old and is obsessed. The songs sooth him and help when he has a tough time getting up in the morning. His dad and I often sing the songs and the smile on his face is priceless! My husband and I were (are) huge fans of Mr. Rogers growing up. We truly appreciate his message/values being carried on in some form. Thank you for this wonderful family series. Keep up the amazing work!

  29. avatar Mario says:

    Our daughter loves Daniel Tiger! She’s only 15 months but loves watching the shows. We’re getting her the large stuffed Daniel that talks for Christmas. I know she’ll love it!

  30. avatar Clara says:

    My son is 6 now and has autism. Daniel tiger has helped him become interested in potty training and he’s figuring out his emotions! The routine songs are the best and really help keep him on task. My house hasn’t been the same since we discovered Daniel Tiger 🙂

    • OMG Clara..that’s so very nice to hear!! We’ve had such a response from a varied audience so it makes me so happy that Daniel’s helped in your home as well. Tell your son Daniel says “Hi” please


  31. avatar Zaskira says:

    I babysit a 1 year old and no other show catches his attention more than Daniel Tiger. Which I love because it’s honestly the nicest show ever! I love all the characters and he will stop crying or pouting if that show is on. It saves me a lot of stress And he just cuddles next to me and watches multiple episodes in a row. Thank you all so much for making the new generation of children so happy 🙂 I sing some of the original Fred Rogers songs to him before nap time: “it’s you I like” “it’s such a good feeling” and the Daniel Tiger version as well 🙂 it makes him smile and fall asleep <3 I loved Mr Rogers Neighborhood as a child and I love Daniel Tigers neighborhood now that I'm 21. Thank you for continuing his legacy

    • It’s an honor to continue Fred’s legacy & I’m so very happy to be able to touch this new generation! Nice, less stress..I love it all. Thanks for your kind comments Zaskira!

  32. avatar Brian Rotondi says:

    My 7 month old, yes I said 7 month old is obsessed with Daniel. We watch this show religiously. I love that yes she is so young watching Television, but learning at the same time. This show is amazing and look forward to new episodes. We will forever be Daniel Tiger fans

  33. avatar Jen McD says:

    Great article! Loved meeting the face behind the voice. My two year old son adores “Dan-uhl.” We got him the mini and regular sized stuffed Daniel last Christmas and recently purchased the available books on Amazon. Now that our son is developing language, Daniel’s words and experiences are helping him relate to the world around him. My husband and I find ourselves singing the songs from different episodes (Goodnight Daniel, Grown Ups Come Back, When We Do Something New, etc) to calm our son during “tantrum-esque” moments. Five stars for Daniel, and the rest of the neighborhood friends, in our house! Thank you for all of the hard work that goes into this fun, educational, quality show!

  34. avatar Caitlin McKenzie says:

    My daughter Hayleigh loves Daniel tiger! It’s the only thing she will watch. Every time I turn on the TV she says “wanna watch Daniel tiger mama?” and I can’t help it turn it on for her. She loves the song at the end of every episode. Thanks for such an awesome show!

  35. avatar arely ruiz says:

    Iove watching that❤

  36. avatar Asia says:

    My toddler LOVES “Tigee” and “supa”! I cant stand shows where the characters don’t annunciate. But we love how Daniel Tiger sounds like a todder but speaks like a grown up! we watch him on netfix every day.

    • I’m with you there! It’s all about good modeling and respecting those around you!! I’m so happy that your toddler is enjoying all our hard work!!!

      • avatar Asia says:

        Absolutely! also wanted to mention the anthem in our house while she was potty training was ‘ if you have to go potty, STOP and go right away’ followed by ‘flush (wipe) wash and be on your way’! lol

  37. avatar Liz B. says:

    I have a two year old daughter who loves “tigey” as she calls him. The messages that the show teaches are superb and I love how they teach how to cope with things. For example: “When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good.”I also really appreciate the diversity in families. My daughter is half white and half black and I’m glad that is represented on the show. Is there a specific place to buy books or stuffed animals that Re Daniel Tiger themed? Also, I’d love any information on how to be on the show. I appreciate that real children are used to show the example from the show and I’d love for my daughter to be a part of that. 🙂

    • Hello Liz. I’m so happy that your 2 yr old is such a fan of our “tigey”! We definitely try to give them the tools they need while embracing the rich diversity that’s all around us.

      Daniel Tiger merchandise can be found at the PBS Kids Shop, Toys r us, Amazon or Target, the last time I checked.

      Though I’m not involved in the casting, I’ll pass your note over to my producers & they can take it from there.

      Thanks for your message Liz & enjoy the rest of your week!

  38. avatar Erin says:

    *age 2

  39. avatar Erin says:

    Thanks for the peek behind the scenes! My 8-month-old daughter, Piper Kate, LOVES Daniel. Despite being resolute on no tv before are 2, getting the flu a few months ago forced my hand. As I lied in bed feeling awful, my sweet girl was cuddled next to me with the laptop, with Daniel pulled up on Netflix. It was pure luck finding it and I have to say – we love him now as a family! My husband and I are both in our late 20s and find ourselves discussing the characters and the lessons, and we routinely sing the songs to both Piper and around the house too. She’s so musically inclined and really tunes in when they sing and dance. And when Daniel says “hi, neighbor!” and talks excitedly into the camera, she wiggles, giggles and babbles while waving her arms at him. It’s precious, her level of joy. We can sing the theme song to her and her tears vanish! Thank you for making an awesome show that we can feel good about having on in our home! My only criticism is that the songs are too catchy and are often stuck in our heads. “When you have to go potty, stop and go right away!” 😉

    • You had me at wiggles & giggles! Feedback like yours makes all the hard work so very worth it. I entered this business to have a positive effect on large numbers of children and to hear that Daniel Tiger brings Piper happiness, along with some toe tapping, brings me much joy & feelings of accomplishment.

      I appreciate your note Erin & re. the songs, we’ve got quite a few more to replace those in your repertoire so no need for concern!!


  40. avatar Kristi says:

    This is by far the best children’s show on TV! Vincent, my 17 month old will sit on the couch and watch two or three episodes in a row! He loves it, our whole family does. Thanks for making such a wonderful, fun, and educational show for children of all ages 🙂

    • Aww, so sweet Kristi. It really means a lot to me when parents share their positive views on our shows. Believe me, it’s always a bit intimidating when we put out something we’ve worked quite hard on. You have an idea of what the response should be, but you can never be too certain. So thanks a bunch for your positive word. Ugga-mugga!

  41. avatar Shawna Gaskins says:

    I love your spirit you’re just so enthusiastic and everything else I love it!!!

  42. avatar Hana says:

    My two daughters (5 and 4) love, love love the show. They have learnt so much from it. Beside watching the show, the enjoy the board game and have purchased all Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood books we could find. The love the theme song and we sing it together often.
    I am originally from South East Europe and have lived in Pittsburgh for five years where I met my husband. We now live in Minnesota but visit family and friends in Pittsburgh often. I must ask, my girls would love to be a part of an episode. Is there a procedure or a way to be a part of this show. Thanks again for such educational and wonderful show.

    • I’m so happy to hear of your 2 fans & that they’re learning so much from it. We love our Daniel Tiger too! We’ll let you know if we need someone to join in over here!


  43. avatar Abraham says:

    I love your show so much! It’s all my one year old will watch! She can’t take her eyes of the screen and I find myself singing Daniel tunes all day! I myself was a fan of the Mr Rogers show when I was a kid so it’s nice to see some things that ya’ll took from that show and put it into Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. One thing yall should put in the new show is more ” FIELD TRIP ” type episodes. I remember from Mr Rogers he used to visit cookie factories or places where things were made and I found it very interesting. Thanks again!

  44. avatar Kate says:

    Our house is blessed with a 7,8,9 year old and a 2 year old. Whats fun is the older kids sing Daniel Tiger potty song to little sister, this has been our best ticket for potty training. Whats really great is to laugh when she then sings it to people in the store. (just in case they forget what to do if they have to go potty) Thanks guys

  45. avatar Liz Burkhart says:

    I love Daniel Tiger. My one year old son is allowed one episode per day. He gets excited and sometimes even “talks” to Daniel when he asks a question to the audience! My whole family has the songs stuck in our heads all day! We’re even having a Daniel Tiger birthday party next weekend!!! Thanks for such a great show!!!

  46. avatar Don Baker says:

    My mom taught kindergarten starting in 1955. She said she could always tell the Mr Roger’s kids because they were quiet, focused and ready to learn. The cartoon kids were antsy, had a hard time settling down to listen to stories being read and focused poorly. I love the Daniel tiger show. My 3-4 year old granddaughter quiets down, watches intently and sings the songs. We both love the rhyming learning songs with each episode and sing them spontaneously. Even the 7 and 10 year old boys get into it. Thank you all for such a wonderful show. I am certain Fred Rogers would have been proud of the tradition being carried on so well.

    Heartfelt love to all members and involved with Daniel Tiger
    Don Baker

  47. avatar Kristen says:

    We have an almost 6 month old who isn’t old enough for television, but we’ve started doing our homework for him anyway. We wanted to see what would be appropriate for when he’s old enough to realize what television is and wants to watch a show or two. We stumbled upon Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and instantly fell in love. I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, so this is a wonderful continuation of that, I think. We turn on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood if our little guy happens to be awake at the time, so he can see some bright colors while he’s in his walker, swing, or being fed breakfast. Daniel Tiger absolutely makes him light up. He starts kicking and squealing and smiling. He’s seen other things on television in passing, but this is the only show that makes him completely giddy. It is absolutely adorable. And I must admit, I absolutely love watching the show and finish out an episode even when he’s napping. Thank you for this show. I hope he grows up enjoying it as much as I did Mr. Roger’s.

  48. avatar Stephen says:

    We watch Daniel Tiger on tv every night before bedtime. Our 2 year old Daniel loves the show. We watch the show on netflix. We are very excited to hear that there is a new season. Love the writing on the show too. Something for new parents to think about and for the young ones to learn. AWESOMENESS! Sometimes I find myself singing the songs. Our boy is working on being potty trained right now and we sing the song “If you gotta go potty stop and go right away, flush, wash, and then be on your way” Cannot wait for the CD to be released. And, Jake Beale, keep up the good work. Big fans here in Southern Oregon.

    • We dig AWESOMENESS out here Stephen! And a shout out to the writing nice are you?!

      I’m glad we could help with the potty training. And for the record I LOVE Oregon!!

  49. avatar Melissa says:

    My life has improved immensely since my 3 1/2 year old discovered Daniel on the PBS kids app. My little guy struggles with intense emotions, and Daniel’s social emotional lessons really hit home with us. There’s a song for every situation! Just this morning he was getting upset when he was trying to buckle his own seat belt…my 6 year old said, “Leo! When you’re feeling frustrated…take a step back! And ask for help” We love you 🙂

    • How did this one slip through?! Thank you so very much Melissa. Your comment made my day!

      Give your little guy a hug from me & everyone else in the neighborhood!


  50. avatar April says:

    I absolutely love, love, love your show for my children. It is so refreshing to turn on a warm fuzzy show, full of goodness for my little ones. I like that you address real topics that children are experiencing and can relate to. You teach wonderful principles and I have found myself singing the quick little tunes when trying to redirect my children. Thank you for all your work! Great job!

    • That makes me so very happy April. I’ve gotta say, the feedback from parents like you means so much to all of us at Out of the Blue Enterprises, the Fred Rogers Company, PBS Kids, Voodoo Highway, 9 Story..the list goes on. But most of all, it makes all of us enjoy what we do that much more.

      And I’m thrilled that our little neighborhood is making yours a little bit happier every day!

      Thank you April


  51. avatar Dylan says:

    I despise the show Daniel tiger so much? The voice is so irritating.

    • Different strokes for different folks they say. We hope that whatever you choose to spend your time on, it brings you happiness and fulfillment..especially the happiness part 😉

  52. avatar Nicole says:

    One of the best childrens shows out there right now! My two year old twins love it, and one of the only shows they can both agree on! And also, us parents are happy to watch it too. Thanks for creating such a great and high quality show!

    • Thanks so much for your kind message Nicole. There’s a lot of love poured into our Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! There are challenging times we have to fight for what we believe in, with Daniel and his neighborhood, but knowing who our audience is and receiving reactions such as yours helps so much.

      We treat the characters as our own children and have the utmost of respect for yours..we hope that’s clearly evident. Thank you!!


  53. avatar Maxwell Nguyen says:

    my son has been watching this show since he was 6 months old and couldn’t live a day without it. thank you Jake for your wonderful voice, and just a note I wish there was more toys out there that we could get for my son when we are on the road.

    • Isn’t that Jake the cutest?! Thanks for sharing out little Daniel Tiger with your son. It sounds like he’s got a happy little place in his heart for him. Ugga mugga! (& I’ll pass your comment about the toys over to the correct personnel) Thank you

  54. avatar Derek A. says:

    My daughter just turned 2 and we’ve been watching Daniel Tiger from pretty much the debut! One afternoon we had “Arthur” on and swore that was Jake’s voice. Sure enough a lookup on IMDB confirmed it! Tonight we were watching some “Super Why” (Kristin’s latest favorite) and it sure sounds like that’s Jake as Charlie, The Bear in “Bedtime for Bear”. Unfortunately IMDB doesn’t credit that character voice… is it Jake’s?
    Great job all around!

  55. avatar Dave Luxmore says:

    What a wonderful talent. This is my 14mo old daughter’s favorite show and I have to say I find myself singing so many of the songs. I grew up with Mr. Rogers and I love to see his music and ideas on a new show my daughter loves. “Ways to say I love you” makes me get a little misty every time. Great work =]

  56. avatar Alisha says:

    Huge Daniel Tiger fans here! We watch everyday and also we watch on netflix. Is there going to be a season three?

    • The feedback brings me to tears!! While it’s not official, I can’t imagine the show not going into Season least!! Hug those little Daniel Tiger fans for me please!

  57. avatar Abbie says:

    I have a 7 month old, we stumbled upon Daniel Tiger one day while trying ANYTHING to calm him. This is the only thing that will calm him the second he hears Daniel’s voice. We watch it every night before bed and my little guy falls asleep to it. It’s our routine and always will be! Thanks Jack, you’re awesome!

    • This note makes me so very happy Abbie. We’re glad that Daniel Tiger is making such a strong connection with your little guy at home. Keep it up with the quality programming 🙂


  58. avatar Liz Taylor says:

    I knew you were the voice of Mike the Knight too!

  59. avatar Maria S. says:

    I can’t imagine Daniel Tiger with any other voice! My 17 month old LOVES Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and I love seeing the excitement in his face when he hears Daniel’s voice. We use the songs all the time and the “potty” episode has even helped my little guy get an early interest in potty training! Keep up the good work Jake! We think you’re grrrrrrrrr-ific!! 🙂

    • Hello Maria. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the “potty” episode, and I’m so happy that it helped your little develop an early interest in potty training! Jake is grrrrrrrrr-ific! and so are you my new friend! 🙂 Thanks for reaching out

  60. avatar Gonk1010 says:

    Jake is AMAZING as both Daniel Tiger and Mike the Knight, as well as D.W.!!! He is soooo talented and I can’t believe he is so young! I’m a little nervous for when his voice changes! My son adores Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We use the little songs all the time to remind him of important things. Thank you so much for such a helpful show!!

  61. avatar D says:

    My toddler has loved the character Daniel Tiger since the moment he first heard and saw him, and I was so curious as to who did the voice. I think Jake does such a great job of making Daniel interesting and likable. I actually thought they must have found an adult to do the voice, as there is so much going on emotionally. It’s never just one-note.

    My son is actually watching the show this very moment! He looks forward to it every morning, so, thanks, Jake, for all your hard work. You and the show bring something wonderful to kids.

    • You’re right, Jake is doing an incredible job delivering on Daniel! Voice is quite tricky to cast, especially for this age demographic, but when we heard Jake, we knew we had a winner! Thanks for commenting D!

  62. avatar Ugga Mugga says:

    Cute interview! And congratulations to Jake and all those involved with the show. My son loves it and I love watching it with him. It reminds me of Mr. Rogers (the show that raised me) in all the best ways.

  63. avatar Felecia says:

    Jake, I can’t even put into words how much my children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I think their Fav episode is “Grown ups Come back” or maybe that’s mine Lol And I agree you are awesome!!

  64. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    I’ll keep this short:
    Jake,you are AWESOME as Daniel.
    You convinced this lifelong mr. Rogers fan that this show could work.
    You rock.:)

  65. avatar Michael says:

    Congratulations, Jake! I’m in my late twenties and have no children, but your work speaks to me too–and it’s important for someone like me to remember to keep a child’s perspective on life. So, thank you very much for helping me!

    I think my favorite episodes so far–at least the ones I think about the most–are the “waiting” episodes. “Daniel Waits for Show-and-Tell” and “A Night Out at the Restaurant”. I get impatient too, and I do think of things in my head (sometimes songs) to make the time go faster. But there are so many to choose from! I like when Daniel asks his neighbor “How would you feel if ____?”

    When something seems bad, turn it around, and find something good!


  66. avatar Harrison says:

    Dear Jake,

    I like your show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” I think you’re a great actor. Hope you’re doing well.

  67. avatar Maggie says:

    I knew I heard a bit of Canadian accent on the show. I also see my closed captioning has the Canadian spellings (ie, neighbourhood).