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This past weekend I attended the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles, CA. I had the pleasure of speaking on the PBS panel with Bill Isler, president of The Fred Rogers Company, and Joanne Rogers, Chairman of the Board – The Fred Rogers Company. I had briefly addressed some commonly asked questions, regarding Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS Kids), and am sharing a few of them below. Enjoy

What made Fred Rogers a pioneer in children’s entertainment? How is his trademark approach evident in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

Fred Rogers has been both an inspiration and a major career influence for me. In effect, he created a blueprint for children’s television that works. And, with this new show, we embraced the great level of respect that Fred had for children, the way he communicated with them, his gentler pace and his “interactive” inclusion of his young “neighbors” at home.


Are there elements of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?  How is the new series fresh and different?

There are nostalgic nods of “love” to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood throughout each episode of the new show. The characters are the children of the beloved puppets from Fred’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe and our series star, Daniel Tiger, is the son of Daniel Striped Tiger, Fred’s first puppet.

Like Fred, Daniel wears a red sweater and sneakers and speaks directly to preschoolers to include them in his day. Fred’s music can be heard, in some cases as cover songs, and in others as inspiration for new musical strategies.

How have Fred Rogers’ groundbreaking concepts been updated to appeal to a whole new generation of young viewers and their parents?

Fred’s curriculum is timeless.  But our approach to his curriculum was planned with today’s preschoolers in mind because we wanted to make sure that we were reaching them most effectively in terms of appeal and learning.


Why choose animation instead of live action?

We wanted to animate the Neighborhood of Make-Believe to put a unique spin on the “neighborhood” with this new series. Plus, animation allows us to make our stories visual – for example, we can let viewers peek inside Daniel’s colorful imagination.

Angela's Clues

How did you develop the characters for the show?

Although the characters were initially based on the puppets in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, our goal was to give them a multi-dimensional feel so they’re true to the personalities of preschoolers.


What role does music play in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and why do you think using song-based strategies is so effective?

Music is an integral tool for learning in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Our musical strategies are unique and catchy.  Parents and children will be singing them all day long! For preschool viewers, music propels the curriculum forward, ensuring that they truly understand why a particular strategy was needed and how it helped our characters.

Recent research shows that early development of solid social and emotional skills leads to success later in life.  How did this help inform the creation of the show?

Pro-social values have been shown by numerous studies to be imperative to later social and academic success for children. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood helps hone the skills that prepare young viewers to be optimal learners in kindergarten and beyond. Encouraging children’s self-confidence, combined with the ability to regulate their impulses and appreciate adult guidance, gives them the solid foundation they need going forward.


How can Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood be a useful tool for parents and preschoolers beyond the television screen?

Some moms and dads who have previewed the show have called it “A user’s guide for today’s parent!” We’re finding that parents and caregivers are writing down our strategies and using them when they need to encourage their kids to be patient, when they’re nervous about a new experience or when they’re disappointed. We hope to have a useful strategy for every situation a parent could find themselves in!

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  2. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Well, well, well…..
    Look what I see.
    So, the website is updated…and a full episode has been released. Oh boy–here we go. Angela, prepare yourself. JUDGEMENT HAS COME!!!!!! (Once I watch it, that is.) 😉

    • avatar Jumpman256 says:


      (crossing arms and frowning) Well, Miss Santomero. Where do I start?
      Let me say first—I still don’t like the way the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is portrayed as a real place in this show. I’ve already addressed why in my Youtube comment to you from way earlier, and you know what—that’s not a dealbreaker for me. It worried me for a while when I first heard of the idea of the show, but only uberfans know about the distinction anyway, so we can toss that aside. The title also kind of irks me, but we can toss that out too—no sense in asking you to change the TITLE of the show—who cares, really? It’s the rest of the show we’re concerned with here.
      Angela……I …… like it. A lot. 🙂 🙂 You and your team have done, in my opinion, a really, REALLY good tribute to Fred Rogers (I LOVE all the little nods to fans in the show) 😉 The lesson of the episode is really well handled, and I like most of the kids. (Save for one, but we’ll get there.) I like the “Ugga mugga” at the end….and that end song. My gosh. That END SONG. Masterful. (Parents are going to be WEEPING OPENLY at their TVs, you wait and see) 😉
      The only thing I kinda don’t like? Lady Elaine’s …. Niece? Daughter? She doesn’t seem to….fit….Lady Elaine to me. She’s too…. kind. Willing to go along with everything. (To be fair, she was only at the end of this eppie, so maybe when she gets more fleshed out, I’ll like her more)

      But I really like the rest of it. Nice job, Angela—to you and your whole team. (I knew you had it in ya all the time—never doubted ya for a second. ;)) I anxiously await Labor Day to see more. You have your first converted fan! 🙂

    • Uh oh, here it comes..

      • avatar Jumpman256 says:

        Wait….what happened to it?????? AGH! The review was there! RIGHT there! AAAAHHHH! 😉 Do I have to type it again–is it gone? (It’s been there for a couple days…. or at least it WAS.)

  3. avatar Jumpman256 says:

    Aw…. Daniel only has red? Doesn’t shop at Joe’s outditter, huh? 😉

    • avatar Jumpman256 says:

      “Outfitter.” Oy.

    • You’re already on Season II & we haven’t even premiered yet! But somebody’s done their Blue’s Clues homework 🙂

      • avatar Jumpman256 says:

        Oh. c’mon–even the most casual fan knows the difference between Steve and Joe! 🙂
        PS: Season 2, eh? A little… overconfident, aren’t we? 😉 (Seriously,even with all the snark I’ve beem giving it, I really, REALLY hope that I will love this show just as much as the other two you’ve made–and that it merits a Season 2, 3, 4 and beyond!):)