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There has been a good amount of feedback and support for our Sara Solves It pilot.  But unfortunately Sara and her pals will not be moving into the Amazon Studios lineup, as they have decided against making the series at this point in time.

But fear not! We’ve got plenty of scrumptious and smart kids media being served, as well as quite a few other incredible delicacies that are brewing in the pot!

Should this newfound information cause you and your little ones restless nights or if you simply loved the program as much as I did, feel free to share your feelings with my friends over at Amazon Studios.

A million thanks to my team at Out Of The Blue, my partner on this project, Carol Greenwald, the Amazon Studios team for the opportunity and, of course you, for your support.






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  1. avatar Alex says:

    Any updates for the show? Will it be coming back in the future?

  2. avatar Kristina says:

    I was disappointed to read that Sara Solves it did not get picked up. I had not heard this and we were waiting for it to return, since the last article I had read in April said it would return in October. My two year old absolutely adored this show and still watches it on YouTube. He claps along and counts. There aren’t many shows ( most are PBS) that grab his attention with signing and dancing. I really hope that Amazon will reconsider if not that another company will give it a chance. it really is an amazing program!

    • I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts about Sara Solves It. Who knows where Sara will turn up but in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts out there!
      Thanks Kristina

  3. Hi! I showed the informercial/preview to my 3 year old and 1.5 year old and they love it. I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. When will this be available? Maybe do a kickststarter, or a petition to have this shown somewhere; I think it’s a great idea. Can you post an episode or an episode preview so parents can see what the show is like? If you created a petition with a video preview, that would make it easier to share on Facebook.



    • Hi Tiana. Its nice to hear how often I hear messages like yours! Sara’s not over yet, but with your assistance, she might possibly return that much sooner.

      Thanks for contacting me!!

  4. avatar Venessa Laporte says:

    My 2 year old & 11 year old both love the first episode and wants more. I like the logic lessons and looking at evidence – anything to support critical thinking and observation is important in my list. Music, pizza, dog, and sharing are perfect themes to capture her attention and pass on the lesson. Clever and well done. I am very upset that we can not find a single episode anywhere. My little one walks around singing the theme song and asking for Sara…

    • Thanks for the Sara Solves It love! While it hasn’t found the appropriate home yet, it’s only a matter of time. Feel free to share your thoughts with Amazon Studios..who knows?!

  5. avatar Susan G. says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you’ve updated but so sad to hear the show was not picked up. We loved it! The music, the clapping, the humor, and the “duh, duh, duh” as my 3 year daughter put it. I’ve left feedback with Amazon for sure.

  6. avatar Jane says:

    That’s too bad! My kids really enjoyed the pilot! I have to wonder if Sara Solves It will be making a return in the future? Considering that back in 2013 Amazon didn’t pick it up, and again this year, is there a good chance the show will have another go with Amazon or another company in the near future? My kids want more! They loved the musical component and Sara and her friends all seemed to have a loving and caring relationship!

    • Somebody’s been doing their homework Jane!

      Like most projects..we collect info throughout the process & use that info to build upon what we have to make it better! I can assure you that Sara will make a return in one way or another as I really think it’s got HUGE potential

      Thanks for commenting Jane 🙂