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Super Why Fan - Cole

Meet four year old Cole, undoubtedly one of Super Why‘s BIGGEST fans. When he was a year old, Cole was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

His Dad, Adam, recently told us:

“When Cole was introduced to Super Why at 6 months old, it had been the only TV show my wife would let him watch regularly because of the positive messages it brought across for our son..

Your show has made some tough times in our house more simple..The smile on his face when he hears the opening song come on or from hearing a character’s voice is priceless. If he’s not in a very good mood or crying, instantly his attitude & personality changes.

Cole - Super Why Fan

For that, I say THANK YOU”

Adam & his wife Jennifer would love for more of the public to understand that special needs children have so very much to offer. In fact, Cole has taken some time out of his day to do some modeling and he can be seen in the Toys R Us “Differently Abled” catalog.

Thank you Adam & Jennifer for your message and especially your pictures of Cole.

Enjoy the ride Cole & we expect to see big things from you!


“A quarter of U.S. households have a member with special needs. More than 8% of kids under 15 have a disability, and half of those are deemed severe” –Jeff Howe/CNN Money
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  1. avatar rosilene says:

    meu filho adora super why como faço para ter a fantasia e o boneco do super leitor obrigado desde já

  2. I came to your website through the comment you left on Uncommon Sense’s post on adding a new button to Maya’s talker for Super Why. Not only am I impressed that you took the time to stop by her blog, but I had to tell you that as a mother of a special needs son myself, your shows have had an amazing impact on our son’s life. Blue’s Clues was the first program he watched, years ago. Super Why was another favorite for several years, and I credit that with both of my children “getting” the fun of letters and reading (and also my son’s first crush: on Wonder Red). The really funny thing is my now-9-year-old son, who is autistic, has fallen in love with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and was watching it when I read your comment. This week has been frustrating for him and he’s latched onto the episode “Daniel Gets Mad” in order to help deal with his feelings.

    Then I saw this post too, and I just wanted to add my thanks as well, for everything. 🙂

    • See, this is why I LOVE the whole blogosphere thing! It’s great to hear that the shows are assisting within your home & the 1st crush being Wonder Red..I can’t make that stuff up! Love it!

      We have been getting some incredible feedback from parents of children with ASDs as well. So it’s nice to hear your feedback & honestly, if we were to make such a connection with one child alone, we’d be happy. SO thank you so much & keep being the INCREDIBLE & informative parent that you are!!