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 Wishenpoof LogoAs a result of your incredible feedback, I let you know (over a year ago) that our second show for Amazon Studios, Wishenpoof, had received the green light for series production. After many, many months of notes, scripting, sketches, character designs, storyboarding, scoring, animatics, recording, rendering, editing, research, more research and much, much more, I can finally see the light!!

Wishenpoof - Bianca

So on August 14th, our latest, most magical Wishenpoof will premier for Amazon Prime Members in the US, UK and Germany! A fun, magical adventure series that teaches lessons through imaginative play, Wishenpoof inspires children to solve life’s big preschool problems in creative ways.

There’s been a nice amount of press about Wishenpoof‘s release and with a BIG premier party staged in New York City’s Central Park, everyone will start to feel there’s magic in the air!

I can’t thank you all enough for your incredible support and I hope your kids LOVE it!!





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  1. avatar Alex says:

    That’s great news! My daughter loves the show! But she’s still upset when I tell her there are no new episodes of Sara Solves It. Is there any news of when the show will become a full series?

    • Hello Alex. The show did not receive the green light from Amazon but who knows what the future may have in store for Sara & Co.?! Feel free to share your thoughts out there about our show!

  2. avatar George B. says:

    I just saw an ad for it on my Kindle this morning. Congrats, Angela! And don’t forget, folks, even if you don’t have Prime, you can try out the first episode for free and see if it’s something you’re interested in.

  3. avatar Victoria says:

    We had the pleasure to take a look at Wishenpoof early for a review and we are absolutely in love with Bianca and Bob! To combine magic, fairy, and positive messaging together is absolutely amazing! My girls are in love with the show and have watched them over and over again! As a parent I am in love with all the educational positive lessons being taught to my daughters that I can use in real life situations! Congratulations on an amazing show!!