I often tell my parents that a good book is the best gift for my daughters. Call me old school but with so many bookstores closing their doors, on-line shopping can be a little impersonal…especially if your child’s out of the age group that you’re looking for. This week, our resident teacher/friend, Laura, has some great picks for the 4-8 year old set (next week 9-12). Enjoy…


How Rocket Learned to Read Tad Hills  (national award winner)

This is an adorable picture book about a puppy who is a reluctant reader until he becomes hooked on stories read by a wise little bird.  After that, his joy of reading and learning becomes contagious.

Children Make Terrible Pets Peter Brown
Another cute picture book with a message.  This is a great book for kids like mine who love to catch wild animals and who always beg to keep them.

Bad Kitty (series) Nick Bruel
A hilarious tale (er, tail?) about a mischievous kitty who gets into all sorts of alphabetical trouble.  Even readers who have mastered their ABCs will appreciate Bad Kitty’s antics.

Mercy Watson (series) Kate DiCamillo
Oh the things this porcine wonder will do for buttered toast!  This was my son’s first dip into chapter books, and years later he still loves to go back and read them.

Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius (series) Frank Asch
Themes of sibling rivalry, escapism, imagination and creativity in this book speak to anyone who has dared to dream big.



Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade, by Melissa Sweet
Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day parade, this beautiful and informative picture book shows children how it all got started in beautiful mixed-media illustrations.

Poetry Speaks to Children, by Elise Paschen
A selection of over 90 poems for children, 50 of them read aloud by the poet on the accompanying CD

It’s Not What You’ve Got!  Lessons for Kids on Money and Abundance, by Dr. Wayne Dyer with Kristina Tracy
In these trying economic times, this book can help us talk to our kids about money and abundance, and the feelings that come with having it or not.

Weird but True (series), by National Geographic Kids
Weird, wacky, fun and all true facts based on the wildly popular National Geographic Kids magazine.  This book is always a hit with the 6-9 year old crowd.

The Secret Knowledge of Grownups (books 1 and 2), by David Wisniewski
The title should tell you all you know about why kids would want to read this book, but you’ll like it too!

Happy Reading!