The scene couldn’t have been set more elegantly at my daughter’s lower school graduation ceremony.  The large white tent delicately contained the girls’ pastel colored dresses, with colors only matched by the flower bouquets which anchored the perimeter of the tent.  “Perhaps the breakfast burrito wasn’t the best idea” was all that came to mind when a teacher (needlessly) informed me of my daughter’s projectile release at the ceremony.  Getting dressed that morning in her favorite yellow dress (even though my overruled selection of beige would’ve been more appropriate), she was so very happy.

How proud and beautiful she looked as she walked, hand in hand with a classmate, down the aisle.  But as the temperature under that tent rose, I had to take only one look at my daughter.  It was then that I knew my poor relationship with sweltering heat as a child was inherited by my 1st grader, and it would undoubtedly bring her down that day..and her breakfast up.

Nothing is ever perfect, nor should it really be.  As a parent I’ve learned to savor the good moments, to roll with the punches..and to not give my daughter a breakfast burrito on graduation day.

Happy Summer!