What I’ve Learned About Kids & Media

After earning my master’s degree in child developmental psychology and instructional technology & media from Columbia UniversityTeacher’s College, creating some of the most successful educational preschool shows, and raising two teenage girls, I’ve come to know a few truths about kids and media:

  • Media can be an incredibly positive and powerful educational tool for preschoolers 
  • A preschooler’s favorite shows are in reality some of their best friends and most influential teachers 
  • Kids’ media should be a bonding experience that brings families together—to laugh, bond, and learn 
  • We can lose the guilt!  Because parents can learn from their children’s media too. Especially when they know how to engage and interact with it.

Angela’s Vision

My goal has always been to create media that will empower, challenge, and build the self-worth of preschoolers while making them laugh. Armed with MOM power, research, years of working with kids, time I’ve spent in the preschool classroom, a passion for media, and the best team in children’s media history at 9 Story Media, I have formulated the “recipe” for the most effective way to educate kids via media.

Then I Became A Mom

As a mom, I find myself doubting my parenting skills. I just want to skidoo right into my shows for guidance, as I pour everything I know about kids’ development into every script I write.

I ask myself, should I be greeting my girls in the morning with, “Hi out there, it’s me, Mommy!” Should I sing whenever the mail comes? Should I spend twenty-two minutes figuring out what they want for snack? Where are my 3 clues for parenting?

I’ve spent well over two decades creating, developing & writing shows for kids that are based on the essential clues for healthy child development. And believe me, if I wouldn’t share it with my kids, I won’t share it with yours! 

Ask Me

I’d love to talk to you! Let me know what questions you have about parenting, media for preschoolers, child development & I’ll try to answer them on my blog.

An End to Screen Time Guilt

It’s hard to see parents lose confidence in how they’re raising their kids because of a lack of awareness or clarity around the choices they’re making about media. And I know it can be overwhelming to navigate all the options, not to mention make sense of conflicting research and recommendations. That’s why I’m here to help.

I want to help equip you with the information you need to make smart, informed choices about your children’s media use. You can stop the cycle of guilt when you understand how high-quality preschool media powerfully resonates with, entertains, and teaches young viewers important social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Knowing this, you can feel confident using kids’ media to your advantage and in a way that strengthens and supports your role as a parent. An added bonus? You can do it guilt-free!

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