Angela’s Story


I come from a family of educators. I wondered, what would happen if I could use education and integrate with the influential medium of television?

I immersed myself in the classroom, obtained a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Instructional Technology and Media from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and worked in Research at Nickelodeon.

And then, the magic began. Blue’s Clues was born, forever altering the course of my life. I discovered my true passion, found pure joy in my work, and my vision for the future became brilliantly clear.

Over a decade, I dedicated my heart and soul to building the Blue’s Clues brand, manifesting as television episodes, authored books, Paramount movies, live shows at Radio City Music Hall, and countless spin-offs. This extraordinary opportunity became the guiding light of my life’s mission: to utilize my knowledge of kids, media, and education to change lives for the better.

I subsequently created  Super Why: Super Readers, empowering young minds with the Power to Read (PBS), and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS), a heartfelt tribute to the legacy left by my mentor, Fred Rogers, from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Creative Galaxy (Amazon Kids) emerged as my endeavor to nurture kids’ artistic inclinations, while Wishenpoof (Amazon Kids) aimed to empower children through captivating anthems. My newest series, Dee & Friends in Oz, a magical, musical re-telling of the infamous Wizard of Oz story through the eyes of a preschooler, will premiere on Netflix, February 2024.

Through all my endeavors, one truth became evident: the unparalleled brilliance we must preserve and embrace as adults, originates from the extraordinary minds of children.



Viewing life through the lens of a child, with boundless curiosity, unwavering resilience, untamed creativity, and vivid imagination, has the power to positively transform our lives. We can learn from kids – and when we did, our lives transform with pure passion, joy, and happiness.  

This, I wholeheartedly know to be true…



As a mom, I find myself doubting my parenting skills. I just want to skidoo right into my shows for guidance, as I pour everything I know about kids’ development into every script I write.

I ask myself, should I be greeting my girls in the morning with, “Hi out there, it’s me, Mommy!” Should I sing whenever the mail comes? Should I spend twenty-two minutes figuring out what they want for snack? Where are my 3 clues for parenting?




I’d love to hear from you! 


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