I am the man!  I can run this ship!  That’s the ethos that I was raised with in my traditionally Italian household.  Truth be told, while I have some admirable qualities and I’m proud of my achievements, I mess up..plenty. I unfortunately raise my voice at times.  I don’t make the best decisions when stressed and my time management is sub par. Do I sink though in these situations?  If running solo, I would run that risk but famiglia is all about the fire ants.  Yes, the fire ants.

I was listening to NPR on Fri and they were discussing the fact that an individual fire ant can not swim and would thus drown on his own.  However, when with others, they lock their bodies together and form a buoyant raft which allows them to survive for several months!

My point is that I don’t find much pride in knowing that I have successfully gone it alone pre-marriage/kids. I’ve learned a lot from my family.  A ton from my seven year old even!  If we need to lean on one another for support or strength, well..that’s what we’re there for and the fact that this exists in my own micro-colony..well that’s what gives me the most pride.