As a teacher are there any good/unique web sites, or apps that you could recommend to assist your childrens’ development?

Last spring, my daughter’s 4th grade history class was assigned to identify every country in the world, continent-by-continent.  She found out about a website called Ilike that helps you learn geography.  It’s a free website, bare bones but user friendly and efficient.  I can proudly say now that my 10 year old knows the name, spelling and location of every country on the planet, thanks to a website (and her own hard work, of course).

Fresh off of that success, my son was beginning the agonizing task of memorizing his times tables over the summer.  As a teacher who specialized in early childhood math, I can tell you that, despite the long way we have come in teaching math “holistically,” not a lot has changed when it comes to learning multiplication facts… you just have to do it.  We researched and found an App called MathApp where the child can choose to do one ‘fact table’ at a time or do a 50 or 100- question mixed fact test.  Within a month, he had memorized up to 12 x 12 with no tears. I am thrilled and relieved that he is starting 3rd grade with this chore no longer a factor (no pun intended;-). That was, by far, the best $.99 I have ever spent.