3 Steps to Overcome Panic Pt 2

When I was growing up, my sister would talk about things that would enrage her and then half jokingly say about me, “He just doesn’t care. He couldn’t care less”. That was my rap. Fact of the matter is, I wished that was true. I did care..too...

To Dads

Happy Father’s Day! Source: via on Pinterest   Thank you Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads who take their title seriously!

How to be a Dad

Our daughter crawled into our bed last night with uncontrollable tears. Damn math! After years of practice, I’m pretty good at the pillow wedge (strategically placing a rolled up pillow between me & one of my kids to absorb an involuntary thrust of an elbow...

The Main Purpose of Creativity

My daughter proudly showed me a little, balsa wood purse that she made at school on Friday. It had 2 tiny, decoupage buttons, a stubby wooden latch and a brown, imperfect shoestring handle which, when viewed from the top, formed a face.  creativity “I like her...

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