I always say, “when you use your mind and take a step at at time you can do anything that you want to do”?  Well, here’s the thing, it’s true.  Patience, grit, determination, passion and love all rolled up into one is how. I know this is true. And because of our news…..
This news has been brewing for so long and Traci Paige Johnson and I are over the moon….
So, it’s been 22 years since Blue’s Clues released it’s first episode on Nickelodeon. Twenty-Two years! And, well, are you sitting down?  


Sitting down in your..Thinking Chair? 
wait for it…


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are…Getting to play with our little blue puppy again feels like having your first child come home from college…or your first love tell you that he’s always loved you….
Because this journey is ridiculously exciting we will be documenting it along the way to share all the delicious details with you. The first bit of news….there will be an OPEN CALL to find the “new Steve” (or “Stevette”) at the Nickelodeon Studios Burbank in California on April 14th.  We can’t wait to meet our new best friend!
More soon! 
It the meantime, send me your questions, wishes, desires, and just plain freak out excitement and I will continue to share!
Now it’s time for so long!