Such is a phrase I was happy to have avoided for the first 7 years of my son’s life.  A quiet boy with a calm demeanor. Whenever we were with other families I was grateful that he wasn’t one of those roughhousing boys who wasn’t happy unless he was going full-tilt.

Imagine my surprise when my son got into sports…which started with baseball last summer.  All of a sudden we were living and breathing it.   Running, swinging and sliding ALL DAY LONG.  I finally knew the true meaning of “boys will be boys.”

Now fast forward to winter… football season.  It’s cold outside, and it’s a lot harder to get outside to run, but my 8 year old has become equally obsessed with football.  So what’s a mom to do?  Well, this mom found herself saying, “Boys will be boys!” and loosening the restrictions on running and throwing balls in the house.

OK, bad idea.

In his football madness, he was running full speed across the living room and dove for an imaginary ball.  He hit his head so hard on the windowsill that he knocked himself out resulting in a CAT scan, a concussion and 10 stitches in his forehead.  It was really terrifying, but guess what nearly every person who hears the story says… “Boys will be boys!”

So the question is, as a parent, How do you nurture your child’s evolving interests, especially if they involve risk (whether physical or emotional) while protecting him and encouraging him to make smart choices on his own?  

You know, I’m stumped.   Because my own child was up and running the day after his accident and can’t seem to stop!  I have visions of duct taping him to the couch…at least until the stitches heal.  I’d feel like a fraud if I tried to give advice, so please feel free to chime in with your own.   I for one am just happy spring is almost here and we can get back outside.