Today we took the kids to Broadway in the Park to see some of their favorite Bway shows live, al-fresco, in Bryant Park. The girls were very excited to see & hear some of their favorite #s from The Lion King, Wicked & more! What could be more enjoyable to two “will-be” thespians? Apparently, the last leg of our drive into the municipal garage was!

As a literal 8-yr old, Emma asked why all the pedestrians couldn’t “stand” on the sidewalk in midtown Manhattan, as she read the “no standing” street signs posted all around us. We tucked away our parental maturity and pointed out all the people who should immediately drop to a seated position on the sidewalk, regardless of their business at hand or they’d risk being ticketed by the nearest police officer. So, the last 10 minutes of our trip was monopolized by our shouting out “ticket, ticket, ticket, ticket” or “sit, sit, sit, sit…” every time we passed a violator. To the kids, this was comic genius and their gasps for air in between big belly laughs made the day an early success. Who needs Broadway performances in a beautiful park, on a clear day in NY anyway?