As a little girl I always wanted to go camping with my girl scout troop.  But every year, my allergist wouldn’t let me go due to my asthma and allergies.  So, when my 7 year old had a camping trip planned, I was excited to go..but then I realized what I was in for. Crammed side by side on a buggy floor (Daddy long legs in abundance!) with 16, 7 yr. olds and a handful of moms!  But look at the face on my daughter!

All she could talk about was how we all had one big sleepover!  Together!  And we had smores, had a hike, sang songs, picked dandelions, had a Girl Scout flag ceremony and came far too close to sitting in a patch of poison ivy!  Through the eyes of my 7 year old, this was the life!  It is such a good reminder for me to look at life through my daughters’ eyes.  Because you only get to be 7 once, and the joy and exuberance to sleep on a cramped & buggy floor will be thrilling..only for a short time.

Special shout out to our amazing Daisy troop leader, Virginia for spending her time making memories, empowering our girls, and growing their confidence.  And for giving the 7 year old in me a chance to FINALLY go on a girl scout camping trip.  Thank you!