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Movement-Based Math App

Too many “educational” math apps seem to be no more than the simple drill n’ skill tear sheets converted over to the mobile screen.  At last, someone has taken the technology & interwoven math theory properly within it.   The Motion Math...

But Didn’t You Just Go?

Hey, we’ve all been there.  Moms & Dads, when nature calls, it calls.  But why is it typically just after we’ve taken our kids to the restroom AND in some remote location?  We need to thank the folks at for pointing us to this latest...

American Idol Bound!

Our youngest turns 8 years old today.  1/2 way to 16 (sigh). While many family movies should often be restricted to just that audience, we uncovered the following (from when she turned 3) & we couldn’t/shouldn’t hold back. Enjoy!