Do I have control issues? Perhaps I do. But admission is 1/2 way to recovery…or something to that effect.

I saw this Melted Snowman Cookie Tutorial on which looked very simple/creative. So we figured we’d (as in my 2 kids) give it a try for some cute holiday cookies to be used as place card holders for dinner.

Our expectations are often quite different from the final product…symbolic, perhaps. But when my kids roll up their sleeves to create, for some reason it’s hard for me to take off the art director hat. This is probably my biggest hurdle when it comes to parenting, not the art director part but simply “watching” them independently attempt…falter…attempt…falter (& repeat).

I know, I know, Live & Learn should be my mantra as a parent. But it’s not easy for me to get out of the way. I guess it’s obvious what my New Years resolution will be!