Mom’s at the conference.

With Angela off to New Orleans for Mom 2.0, I’m at the helm, braving it alone for a few days with our two girls.  With nothing but a compass and a piece of flint (okay no more Man vs Wild for me). While it’s sweet that I get the “So (insert long pause here) how’s it going? Do you need some help?” phone call from my Mom or mother-in-law, it’s hard not to find the humor in it as well. Do they call Angela when I am away on see if she can manage it alone? Do I have some inadequacy or limitation that I have yet to uncover?’s the guy thing, right! I’m so used to it that I simply forget sometimes, that’s all. 

Honestly, the dynamic shifts when one parent is away which is sometimes refreshing. My daughters might communicate with me more or I might simply focus on them some more, which they hopefully enjoy. So, whatever one’s situation might be, just enjoy your little people before they start borrowing the keys to the car. Aghhh!!