David Newell, better known as the “speedy delivery” man on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, began working with Fred Rogers in 1967 to create the role of Mr. McFeely. Growing up, I would have swore that he lived in my neighborhood too. But on Friday, I received a speedy delivery upon opening my in box..from the man himself, Mr. McFeely :

Hi Angela.   Congratulations on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

I remember the first time you came for a visit to a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood taping. I even remember you sitting in one of those metal, uncomfortable, folding chairs we had for guests. Little did Daniel Tiger know at the time that he was looking out of his tree & seeing the creator of his son’s television series.  I am so glad you tuned into our Neighborhood early on because you are really in tune with Fred’s message & philosophy….& pace.

Thanks for being our neighbor as we all help deliver Fred’s message to future generations. He would be so proud of you. You did what he was conveying to his audience…as he often said “Attitudes are caught not taught!”

All the years you spent watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, you caught the creativity among many other attitudes that he was offering!

Congratulations to you & all of the neighbors at “Out of the Blue”……You came to watch the taping out of the blue…..we are delighted that we caught you!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Newell

(aka Mister McFeely)