Whenever the subject of Blue’s Clues  comes up, it’s rare that the mail song isn’t involved somewhere within the conversation. Hey, we all love mail…and I’m no different. Here’s just 1, Virginian reason why, in regards to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:


Dear Angela & Everyone who made Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood a reality:

From the bottom of our family’s heart…Thank You!!!!  Yesterday’s premier of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood was SO wonderful!

Please know that you had our 2 yr old son unexpectedly spinning himself around the living room & happily singing: “turn (it) around… da da da, somethin GOOD!!!   over and over.  (It was SO cute!)

Fred Rogers Company He -loves- it (and to be honest, so does our 6 yr old son!) Way to go!!!..and you gave us SO much more than even we had expected… 

We certainly were not a spoiler-free family by that point, (sorry, just couldn’t resist!)  having watched every single online clip available multiple times and patiently waiting fro months until premier day…But it was SOOOOOooooooo worth the wait.

We knew about the characters, and had seen the birthday party episode.But the segment afterwards with the child wearing the red cardigan and making cookies or going to the doctor, etc. was also great!!!  As was the part with children doing an activity while the theme song  from the episode was playing in the background!   These 2 segments -really- tied the animated portions to the real world…much like Mister Rogers did after the neighborhood of make believe each episode.  Really well done!

Although for me, the best part of all was hearing David Newell’s voice in the beginning announcing those who helped made it possible.   We love Mr. McFeely very much & we go to see him back home in Pittsburgh every chance we get.   Adding him in the beginning was a really nice touch…passing the torch, so to speak, & brought a tear to my eyes. 

Wow. If only Fred Rogers were alive to see what you have done….

I think he couldn’t help but have a joyful tear in -his- eye. This show -really- ‘gets’ him, his message and his essence.

Thanks to you, Fred Rogers is ‘alive’ once more & talks with love, respect and care to my kids now too…just like he did for me when I was once very little.

We can’t thank you enough for that.  🙂


Jim & Aileen
Fairfax, Virginia


Thank you so very much Jim & Aileen for your kind words.

If someone has positively affected you or has brightened your child’s day recently, share it below with us.