I doubt that whoever coined the phrase, “It’s who you know, not what you know” rarely ever dreamed.

When I started my career in television, I knew nobody in the business. I was soft spoken and often timid, but I had a dream and I was motivated to fulfill it regardless of the countless hurdles that I faced. The problem is that many people, especially women, either don’t believe they have a dream or they discredit such thoughts for a variety of reasons.

I find that I share many similarities with Harvard Business Review blogger, Whitney Johnson, after reading her book DARE DREAM DO. She started out in Wall Street as an uncertain secretary and after 15 years, she was at the top of her game as a much sought after analyst. She dared herself to dream, realized the importance of it and she achieved it.

The fact that a person has a hard time finding themselves and their voice is very concerning to Whitney, so this book is a result of yet another dream of hers. DARE, DREAM, DO is a heartfelt and motivational 3 step process which allows the reader to not only view their thoughts and dreams as a necessity, but it lays out a plan for them to accomplish those dreams. Powerfully and beautifully woven through Ms. Johnson’s personal experiences and those of others, DARE, DREAM, DO will be a requirement for my daughters because if they don’t dream, their feet will never leave the ground!