There’s been an inevitable outpouring of love and support following the passing of the legendary David Bowie. One post in particular struck a cord for me. Samantha Schnurr wrote her eloquent story for E! about Director Cameron Crowe’s 6 month long interview with David Bowie. The director was only 16 at the time and his story had served as the backdrop for Almost Famous (2000).

Crowes’s grasp of and appreciation for Bowie’s creativity is well presented in Schnurr’s piece:

 “David Bowie’s impact is so huge in that he presents himself now as a role model to artists that may need to remember that it’s not about branding. It’s about a restless need to be creative and to continue being creative,” Cameron Crowe said. “For a young musician or artist of any kind, anybody coming up, it’s great to look to Bowie and see that seismic effect he’s had on people, not because he kept doing the same thing that worked again and again, but because he always shook it up and he always served the gods of creativity.”

There was such an impact from Bowie’s artistry because he was the real deal. He did what he did not to be a YouTube sensation or to get the most likes. He was a true creative and we were all lucky enough to share some time here together.

Creatives NEED to create. So if you know a creative, give them the one thing they truly need to express themselves..your support.