This is something we do quite often on television.  It’s part of our philosophy behind creating shows with a foundation in education but that kids want to tune in.  We always incorporate humor that is age appropriate.  But, we also always use humor to diffuse a situation.

For instance, in Super Why we have this intense moment (probably not “intense” to most people but for us this scene was intense!) when Super Why finally confronts the BIG BAD WOLF.  We have been searching for him the whole episode and he is finally here. And he is BIG.  And he is BAD.  So, what do we do? First we ask why.  The Wolf says, “Because it says so in my story, I am the Big Bad Wolf.”  Hmph.  Point taken.  So, in true Super Why style we change the story to save the day.  We turn the BIG BAD wolf into a SMALL GOOD wolf.  And you know what happens?  He cries hysterically (amidst violins in the background) because he has no friends.  If only (sniff) he had some friends (sniff) he wouldn’t be so BAD and blow down the pig’s houses.  Well, this was HYSTERICAL to our audience.  And it diffused the tense situation.  I need to try that at home.  Not sure I can change the mood of my daughter when she is acting all BIG AND BAD but I’m sure I can find a way to keep my emotions in check and DIFFUSE WITH HUMOR!