Today I purge my home of any generic VapoRub. Moving forward, Vicks has a lock on my brand loyalty.

Why you ask?

Drew Brees.

As in the MVP Super Bowl QB for the New Orleans Saints?

That’s the one.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Drew Brees’ appearance in the Vicks commercial where he is shown caring for his son. I think this is honestly a 1st for a large corporation to present a strong male figure in a caregiving position, without resorting to absurd ridicule or stereotypical judgements which typically call into question the man’s masculinity, intelligence or respectability.

While many men throughout the blogosphere have had a snarky comment or two for Mr. Brees as a result of this commercial spot because…because…actually I’m not too sure why. But with the growing number of Dads that are becoming more involved in actually parenting their children, it’s about time that someone of Drew’s stature stepped up to show how comfortable a man is within such a role.

So I raise my jar of medicated eucalyptus vapor to Procter & Gamble. Hopefully more companies will take their lead and educate society in the idea that caring for a child is not simply Mom’s domain and that the buffoon Dad should remain a fictional character on Saturday morning tween programs. Any thoughts/comments here?

NAtional Fatherhood Initiative