There is little question that an effective arts program can do wonders for our childrens’ emotional intelligence, problem solving and further development.  With this in mind, about 7 years ago, we enrolled our daughter (at the time, age 3) in HiArt! A well conceived arts class which as explained in their literature is “not your neighborhood art program”. It’s a class overflowing with art, music, movement, etc. to inspire our budding artists (& ourselves).

The class we had enrolled in alternated museum trips every other week to expose the class to more intimate gallery spaces where the kids could sit on the floor and sketch on their art pads or get a more personal, up-close view of some of the work. The following week would be met in Cyndie’s (program director) beautifully  lit art studio.  This was filled with all types of vibrantly colorful and textured media, to work on more elaborate creations..all while listening to the themed opera which played throughout the semester.

If you’re around the Big Apple, check it out.  If you’re not, simply go to the HiArt! website to be inspired & incorporate that creative philosophy at HOME!   There’s no wonder why HiARt! is entering it’s 14th year in downtown NYC!