I was driving on the Westside Highway this morning, leaving New York City around 10am. I had the latest npr chatter on the radio, while my mind was sifting through it’s to-do lists and trying to trouble shoot a few projects that I’m presently in the midst of.

Cell phone rings. Looked at the #..not ready to take that one. I’ll return it later.

My head was not made to multi-task..wish it were. Once I go past four or five items, my head starts to automatically purge little pieces of data. Angela can force feed me more Omega than exists in a stream of spawning, freshwater salmon, but it just seems that the older I get, the fuller my cerebral in-box gets. And the fewer the hours on the clock to tend to it all.

But then on the horizon..Wham-O! I saw it! Not gonna go as far as to say enlightenment, but perhaps a smidgen of it, with a dash of interconnectedness. There on a little grassy patch, on the (east) side of the Westside Highway..with cars whizzing by at 60+mph..was a woman hula-hooping. I kid you not.

Don’t know Who.

Don’t know Why.

But “How Great is that?!”

I’m sure she has her lists and concerns, which are just as important to her as mine are to me. But you know what? When she woke up this morning she wanted to hula hoop.  So, you know what she did?  [brief pause]  She hula hooped! Didn’t bother a soul in the process.

Mind you, I’m no fan of hula hooping per se..not against it, but no fan. My point is, we need to learn from hula hoop lady.

Work hard, but take the time to enjoy life so that you respect it.