Too much or not enough?

To help or not to help?

Homework…these are the questions.

When I was asked about it recently, I realized I have very strong opinions on the subject. Here are a few of the things I feel passionately about:

  1. Homework should be either a review, a reflection or an extension of something learned in class.  It should NEVER be new material assigned for a student to learn by himself because the teacher doesn’t have time to teach it
  2. Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, a parent’s role in homework is to make sure your child understands the assignment and make sure he does the assignment.  That’s it!   Homework is used as a tool for the teacher to know what the child is capable of doing on his own outside of class. You are not doing your child a favor when you micro-manage or correct your child’s homework.  It isn’t your homework!  And besides, we always know  😉
  3. The amount of homework to give is one of the most difficult issues to manage for teachers.  What may be too much for one child in the class may seem not enough for another based on learning style, organizational skills and the subject matter.  Expectations of the (collective) parent body, school, school district, etc. also factors into homework.  Not to make excuses, but it is hard to please everyone!

When in doubt about a teacher’s homework policy or the type or amount of homework your child is getting, don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher and explain any concerns you have or difficulties your child may be experiencing.