I’ve always been interested in the theatre. And I know that my girls got the bug as well. People are often leery when it comes to the acting business, especially when it involves their children.  I went to THE Annie & a veteran in the biz for PBS’ The Parent Show to get some questions answered about how to protect our kids in the business (while staying clear of becoming that “stage” Mom) and how we can best support our kids in their search to follow their dreams, while dealing with rejection & other serious matters, in a healthy manner.

First, I went to Marc Tumminelli who is the owner/director of Broadway Workshop, NYC’s top training program that gets the next generation of young actors to hone their craft while having fun with it. Next, I went to Aileen Quinn, who was chosen from 8,000 girls to play Annie in the original 1982 film version of Orphan Annie.

I could have stayed there all day asking Marc and Aileen questions. Check out the interview to see some of their responses that absolutely apply to basic parenting as well.


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