A week after the release of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Jumpman256 had a few questions for me, so I thought you’d like to hear some of the scoop! BIG thanks to Lawrence Martin for sharing his Neighborhood photos with us on this post.


1. Is the musical lesson always going to be the same for both stories?
YES. The curriculum for both 11 minutes is the same which will promote mastery of our strategy & content across the half hour.  


2. We got to hear 2 older residents of the Neighborhood of Make Believe..so far (Daniel Striped Tiger, I am sure, will be VERY prominent in the series—BTW, I LOVE what his job is. :) ) but will we hear any others? Lady Elaine, X, Henrietta? I mean, we SAW them, but will we HEAR them?

 YES!  Keep watching & you will get to know our adult neighbors very well.  Lady Elaine runs the Neighborhood Factory (first exhibit is “How Crayons are Made”), lives in the Museum Go Round with her daughter & husband, Music Man Stan, who runs the Neighborhood Music Store. They have playdates at their house with the other kids & attend the Neighborhood gatherings so you will see, hear & get to know them. Uncle X the Owl lives next door to Henrietta in the Treehouse & you will see & hear them interact with their kids.  

3. Will we see (besides [SPOILER!!!!!] Mr. McFeely) any human residents of the Neighborhood from the past? (If the answer’s yes on that one, you are triple awesome) :)

YES!  Mr McFeely makes many “speedy deliveries” in the Neighborhood & even shows Daniel how the mail works in the Neighborhood & takes him to deliver some letters. We get to know him as one of our beloved friends & Neighbors. We’ve also added other human residents: Dr. Anna, Teacher Harriet & Baker Aker.  

4. Why is Mr. McFeely not voiced by David Newell, the original guy?

David Newell is happy & well..if you listen carefully, you will hear that he voices the beginning/end of our show, talking about the great sponsors & “Viewers like you” message. He is not from Canada, unfortunately, & couldn’t voice the series. But he gave his blessing!  


  5. Finally…. Why the Sam Hill is King Friday still ruling? I mean, this takes place SEVERAL YEARS after the original show, right? King Friday was old back THEN—Tuesday should be king by now! I guess Friday still hasn’t learned to let go of anything, huh? ;)


Actually, King Friday wasn’t that old in the original series. He & Queen Sarah gave birth to a “later in life” baby, Prince Wednesday who joins big brother, Prince Tuesday in the Royal Family.  We felt that King Friday was such an iconic character that we couldn’t bear to let him go.  In similar vein to Queen Elizabeth, we feel he can be around a VERY long time!


We love that he models a different kind of parent & that he brings the Neighborhood together for some special days like the upcoming “Neighborhood Votes” episode, “Neighbor Day” and a “Neighborhood Clean Up”.  


Hope this helps!  Thanks for your interest!


Ugga Mugga,