I never realized what a cult-like following the brothers Kratts, Martin and Chris Kratt had (creators of Wild Kratts), until I put the word out there that I’d be interviewing them for an upcoming Parent Show episode.   After our love fest for the garden state subsided, we discussed the importance of exploration.   So often adults feel that they need to take a trip or visit a nearby planetarium to go exploring, but Martin and Chris started their adventures once their screen door squeaked closed behind them.

What also makes these learning adventures so empowering is that we, as parents, don’t have all the info.  So for our child to be either learning with us or teaching us a thing or two about a new discovery, it touches on so many levels of positive development.  There’s a big world out there to learn from…even if it exists under a rock.  Don’t wait, go out and explore now!

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